Is Jasmine Directory One of the Best Google Compliant Web Directories Model?

The utility of Google compliant web directories

Before there was a Google or other search engines, people placed a lot of trust on web directories to discover new sites online. After Google had come to the forefront, the popularity of web directories did indeed take a hit, but it remained relevant to Webmasters for building back links and offering extra visibility for their website.

Apart from the clear benefit in attracting potential customers, web directory submission has now also become a crucial component of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Now, you may be wondering why I would need to add my site to a web directory when searching engines can do the job equally well.

Google compliant directories exist because they provide services similar to that of a search engine, but with a little tweak. Directories are different because they classify the sites according to categories, which make finding the relevant sites easier for the user. Plus, you get all the benefits of SEO thanks to Google, which means better exposure for your website and eventually more sales.


Why is Jasmine Directory one of the best Google compliant web directories?

Many factors contribute to the success of a business website as different sources including web directories play their role. Jasmine Directory is an authoritative Google compliant business directory that is far better than many others because of the following reasons:

1. Editorial discretion: It’s fair to say the value of a web directory is directly proportional to the editorial discretion the directory owner has in practice. Editorial discretion plays a huge role in the screening process by separating facts from the myths, so that only relevant sources get a listing in each category. Jasmine Directory takes their editorial discretion very seriously and aims to bring the users nothing but resourceful links that add value. Because of their strict editorial discretion policy, the editor of Jasmine directory holds the right to modify any listing without prior notice.

This website runs an audit of all external resources every 2 to 3 months so as to remove broken links, dropped or parked domains, and suspicious redirects. Every resource that doesn’t come back online within a reasonable timeframe is deleted permanently from the Jasmine Directory database.

2. Very descriptive categories: One of the reasons online directories are popular is because they offer a cheap and effective method of advertising. An online web directory like Jasmine Directory provides the benefits of categorization that can help people find products and services quickly without any hassle. Individuals who find your website will be those who were looking for a certain business or website that is related or similar to yours, which means the traffic you get from Jasmine Directory would be more interested in checking the ads that pop up on your site. They will also be more likely to purchase the products and services you have on offer.

Furthermore, some directories offer a highly diversified list of sites in a single category. This also helps the user to search for information on different topics within the same category without having to visit a search engine. For example: if you’re looking for Mexican cuisine recipes in a search engine, the chances are that you’ll get less relevant results. Whereas by visiting a cooking directory, finding the right website would be much easier.

3. Only hand-picked resources: Jasmine Directory takes their motto very seriously and aims to provide only active links among the ones that are user suggested. Unlike search engines that generally accept almost any site submitted irrespective of their quality, a web directory like this one reviews the site presented before officially listing it.

Here, poor sites don’t stand a chance to get accepted and hence Jasmine directory provides quality output to every user. This practice of reputable online directories works in favor of building the user’s trust and loyalty so that there is a sustainable, mutually beneficial relationship between the user and the company that is providing the online directory service.

4. More useful traffic: People visiting your site via a web directory are more likely to buy a product in comparison to the visitors coming from a search engine. This is due to the fact that the visitor has already selected your site based on your description they read in the web directory and knows what exactly you have on offer. Visitors from a search engine, on the other hand, first visit your website and then get to know the products and services you provide. Take for example: if a user is looking for a Lenovo laptop dealer has just searched with the keyword “Lenovo” in a search engine and your website appears as the first result.

While the user may visit your page because the site emerged in the first result, it doesn’t mean that they are your target prospective customer. In a way, web directories like Jasmine Directory help you by supplying filtered traffic to your website so that you have users looking for a particular product and not those were simply reached your site by typing a broader keyword.

5. Low prices compared to competitors: The primary purpose of this website is to provide a user-friendly environment for those seeking information. Jasmine Directory is a staunch believer in providing only quality services and not just another source of a back link for a website. Adhering by the strict Google compliances, this site offers secure payment methods and highly affordable rates than other competitors in the market. By paying as low as $ 49/$ 79, your site will get a premium listing in the directory and the editor’s supervision over the maintenance aspects. You can easily pay for the package through PayPal and enjoy the premium services this directory has to offer.

  1. Good Domain authority grade:Domain authority is a measure of the power of adomain name and is one of many search engine ranking factors. Domain authority is based on three factors: Age, Popularity, and Size.

Jasmine directory


Jasmine Directory is indeed a grade-A online directory that not only promises to give you a greater reach but also bring in filtered traffic to the website. With so many benefits on offer, including stringent editorial quality checks, it safe to say there aren’t many sites that can match up to the efficiency of this directory service. Try out their services and see the results for yourself.


Jasmine Directory

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