Guide to Lead Ads on Facebook

In this technologically driven age, everyone is using technology to not only enhance their business but to provide ease to the end customers. The new sensation in PPC ad management services is the use of Facebook lead ads. In this writing output, we will discuss everything regarding Facebook lead ads. However first let’s discuss what the Facebook lead ads are?


Basically, a Facebook lead ads is a kind of format that let your customer and you share basic information without leaving Facebook. All they have to do is to click on the ad and then fill out the form with the basic information regarding your contact and the data that your potential customers have shared on the Facebook.

These ads are the main source of connection between you and your potential customer. Moreover, through these ads the customers show their interest in your services or products. By filling the form provided by the businesses on the Facebook the prospects show their interest and let you follow them. Most of the time the pop-up form consist of basic contact information of a person including email address and name etc.

The Facebook offers various versions of lead ads so that you may have the access to the information provided by the people. The main focus of lead ads is to let people sign up for various services including newsletter, e-book, follow up calls and many more. Basically, the lead ads are the first step toward making a long-term relationship with your customers.

Do you what is the most convenient part of lead ads? The form offered by the business to be filled has already contained the basic information that you have shared on the Facebook. This makes it much more convenient to sign up.

Another most exciting feature associated with these lead ads is that all of such ads are entirely mobile friendly and they let you collect the information regarding your customers in few clicks.

Application of Facebook lead ads

For the quotation or estimation of requests

  • To let the customers prequalify for the new car, house and other things like that.
  • To let people sign up for the newsletter
  • Similarly, to get the product demo for the business.

Benefits associated with Facebook lead ads

Here the question is why businesses are getting obsessed with the use of Facebook lead ads? We have mentioned below some of the advantages associated with the use of Facebook lead ads.

  • Effective method:

We can say that the main logic behind the excess fame of Facebook lead ads is their effectiveness. Facebook has represented itself as the most effective medium with millions of active users. All these users on the Facebook are waiting for you to find. So a little effort will give you the required results.

  • Mobile friendly:

The ads are highly mobile friendly and this feature ads a positive impact. The user does not require to switch between the mobile and the web to get himself sign up. These ads offer him a way to get himself signed while not leaving the app.

  • Direct connection:

The advertisers have the inherent benefit associated with the use of lead ads. As with the use of these Facebook lead ads the businesses do not have to create a new landing page or a new path to get the information from the customers. Furthermore, with the use of these ads they can gauge the direct interest of the customers. The user who filled the lead ad form gets in the direct contact of the business.

How to create your own lead ad?

The most important question in this regard is that how the businesses could be able to caret their very own Facebook lead ad? In order to provide the complete information regarding this topic, we are going to discuss the steps involved in the creation of lead ads. So, keep on reading to have a complete knowledge.

Here comes the first step involved in the creation of lead ads. You have to log in to your Ads Manager. After logging in a click to craft a new ad by choosing the objective relating to your advertisement. You can choose any objective from the three specified objectives including Awareness, conversion, and consideration.

The next step involves the creation of Facebook lead ad and for doing so you have to click the consideration stage and the objective of Lead Generation. Then you will be prompt to choose your lead form from the campaign.

  • Crafting the form:

In this first step of the Facebook lead generation, you craft the form according to your requirements. You will be prompted to choose the information that you need from the people including name, email, phone numbers etc.

  • Privacy Concern:

The Most frightening fact that is haunting the masses the concern regarding privacy. So after choosing the information you want to ask the customers, you have to add a link to your privacy policy. Adding the privacy policy link to your form will have the positive impact on the overall lead generation.

Finally, there comes the creation of Context Card. Although it is an optional step, however, it is a completely useful step. The context card act as an intermediary between the lead form and the Facebook lead ad. This card will provide the additional information regarding the purpose of filling of the form.

The main logic behind adding a context card is to let your clients know about the purpose of your form filling. The more the people know about the purpose, more likely they go through the whole procedure of information sharing. However, the creation of the context card is entirely an optional step. You can skip it to save your lead form.

After saving the lead form you are now free to use it to start your campaign effectively and efficiently.

If you have any questions, please ask below!