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Take a Luxurious Jersey Break

jerseyLocated on the southerly part of Channel Island, Jersey has remained as one of the favorite holiday destinations for years. Why Jersey is so popular as a tourist hub? Jersey records the best sunshine in the British Island has magnificent beaches, spectacular scenery and fascinating history. Only 35 minutes away from the UK, Jersey is ideal for short breaks. If you are planning for a luxurious retreat, Jersey will not let you down. There are boutique, spas, delicious cuisine and as the icing on the cake luxurious hotels to make your stay princely.

Luxury holiday in Jersey

Unwind, become stress free and explore in most stylish way a luxurious break in Jersey. In winter, you can expect exquisite castles, enthralling wildlife,museums draped in history and shops overwhelming with best displays. Sophisticated hotels warm up with the log fire and invite you to relax with extensive range of indulgent treatment available.

In summer, rather it is better to say from spring onwards Jersey is overburdened with greenery. The real charm of Jersey, the private gardens open up. Jersey is quite reputed as a Floral Island. Vibrant colours of the fields signify that the title is well deserved. Round the summer, jersey burst with fragrance and beauty.

Throughout the island, influence of both British and French is very prominent. It will be little unjustified if the blend of luxury and excitement is not mentioned. Dramatic coastlines, pristine beaches, award winning cocktail bars and starred restaurants, the reasons are endless to visit Jersey. Whatever, be the reason if you are planning for a luxury holiday you will leave the place more relaxed and refreshed than you can even think of.

Getting to Jersey

At least 12 flights a day fly to the island from London and take less than an hour. Flights also take off from other regional airports of the UK. There are several tour operators who can arrange for charter flights to Jersey from selective airports.

You can reach the Island even by ferry. The services are available from the South Coast of England. If you sail from Weymouth or Poole with Condor Ferries, you can be in the island in less than 4 hours. The greatest advantage of traveling to the island in a ferry is that you can bring your car top the island.

Staying in the island

There are quite a large number of luxurious and breath taking accommodations. The hotels are equipped with state of the art facilities, en suite rooms, stylish modern décor and relaxing atmosphere. You have to decide whether you will prefer to stay in the midst of bustling town centre or take a break from the city life.

There are actually options for both types of tastes. You can book a hotel room in St Helier online if you are fascinated about urban holidays or look out for hotels a little far from the town say in a private wooded valley.

Dining in the place

Most of the luxury hotels have their own restaurants where world cuisine is served. The home grown vegetables and dairy products of the land are unparalleled. The dishes that are created with the fresh produce of the island can ignite the taste buds of any guests. Restaurants are located at every corner in the winding streets of Jersey.

Spa break

Utterly indulge and pamper yourself in wide choice of spas available with many luxury accommodations. Two or three odd message treatments are not the only treatments available in the spa. Aromatherapy treatments, couple message and ayurvedic healing therapies are –you can experience all these in the exclusive spas of Jersey.

The atmosphere of Jersey is tempting and beautiful and in addition to that comfortable spas will make your vacation even more refreshing.

Those in search of exquisite cuisine and a divine retreat must visit Jersey. It will be a memorable experience and you will surely like to visit the place once more.

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