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How to impress your Indian tech-savvy boyfriend on Valentine’s day

If you have a tech-savvy boyfriend, finding gifts for Valentine’s Day in India may seem like a daunting task. Not only are you supposed to get him something thoughtful, but it also has to be of a personal note in some way. It proves that you have been paying attention to his conversation about his favorite tech topics last time you went out to dinner together. Don’t worry! We’ve gathered some of the best gifts for your tech-loving boyfriend.

1. Polaroid

Before smartphones and digital cameras, Polaroid cameras were a huge part of many people’s lives in India. Thanks to their cool vintage appeal, they’ve become popular again; you can snap instant photos with a Polaroid camera or use them as photo frames. This will make for an incredibly unique gift, especially if he has tons of digital photos that are just collecting dust on his computer (my partner does). In addition to being fun and quirky, these gifts show that you’re not completely clueless about his interests—that’s key!

2. Portable Photo Printer

Your Indian boyfriend might be pretty good at taking photos with his phone. However, what most guys don’t have is a way to give their significant other printed pictures of them taken with their phones. The portable photograph printer lets you print 2×3 photos on almost any type of paper instantly from a mobile device using Bluetooth technology and comes in fun colors like teal, lime green and white. It’s easy to use and portable—perfect for photo taking on vacation or even just popping into his bag when he is out with friends.

3. Apple Watch

Looking to spend a little more than you had initially intended? The Apple Watch is one of those gifts that will become much more useful as time goes. Why? Well, because it has fitness tracking, remote control capabilities, and syncs seamlessly with other Apple products, such as an iPhone. Plus, you can customize it to suit his style (42mm or 38mm) and choose from thousands of apps. This gift is sure to get some use!

4. Portable Projector

Long before smartphones and tablets, TV screens were getting smaller and so was their price tag. Projectors became a popular item. If your boyfriend is into retro tech or simply a movie buff then a portable projector will be the perfect gift. He can use it to watch movies on the big screen at home without having to go to movie theaters.

5. Electric Kettle

This electric kettle heats water faster than a microwave and is safer than a stove. It will make him feel like a chef when whipping up hot chocolate or tea for you. This kettle is sleek, easy to use, and makes an excellent valentine’s day gift. Just make sure you pair it with some new loose leaf tea!


All relationships are based on efforts. A gift is a wonderful way to show your loved ones how well you know them. It will make them feel heard. If tech gifts are not their thing then you can send flowers to India from our website with ease. Flowers, cakes or an apple watch, it only matters how much thought you have put into it. No matter what the gift is, your boyfriend will be over the moon when he receives that special gift from you on valentine’s day.

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