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All You Need to Know Before Visiting Innsbruck’s Crystal Worlds

When visiting Austria, one of the places you cannot miss is Innsbruck with its Crystal Worlds. Stunning modern art exhibitions and impressive gardens are waiting for you in one of the top places in the world. Once you have established your means of transportation and arrive in this amazing city, you will witness great views of the snow-capped mountains, along with unique ski resorts that will offer you great experiences.

Apart from sightseeing and roaming around famous streets such as Maria Theresien and Nordkette, you might want to check out Crystal Worlds- Swarovski museums which will simply prove magical! In order to get prepared for this experience, we provide you a list with everything you need to know before visiting Innsbruck’s Crystal Worlds.

1. Swarovski Kristallwelten

This place in Innsbruck tends to be superficially visited by tourists, as it is a dark exhibition which seems rather boring at a first glimpse. A good idea is to actually spend more time there, especially if you’re keen on photography, as the 16 rooms in Swarovski’s Chambers of Wonder will prove to be a great experience. Each one of these rooms is designed by a famous artist around the world and they very much look like theme parks. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to dedicate your free time to visiting this part of the Crystal Worlds.

2. The Swarovski Giant

You will be amazed to be welcomed at the entrance of Crystal World by a Swarovski giant. This impressive sculpture is pretty imposing, not to mention its huge size. The waterfall cascading from its mouth, along with its naturalistic design will for sure make its sight memorable. Placed close to the Swarovski factory, this sculpture is worth taking a picture with!

3. Serious Bling – A once in a lifetime sight

Your dream might come true on this trip, as you have the chance to take a close look at the largest hand cut crystal in the world. It is so huge that nobody even knows how much it is worth.

4. The Crystal Dome

If you have ever pictured yourself in a room full of mirrors, you have the chance to experience that by visiting Crystal Worlds in Austria. A dome made up of almost 600 mirrors can be found there and it is definitely pure magic. This room fits perfectly in the thematic of the Crystal World and it is simply mesmerizing.

5. Eden

Your expectations to find flashy diamonds everywhere will be met when going to Eden- a room in which you will find waterfalls, mirrors and mesmerizing reflections. Every little detail of this room is shaped like a forest. Welcoming and flashy.

6. Crystal Clouds

The outside area of Crystal Worlds is worth visiting as well. Beautiful gardens, interesting mazes and waterfalls take you to new realms in which everything is possible. You will see crystal clouds standing tall over a pool of water and their reflections will simply enrich you with views that you will not easily forget.

Useful Information when visiting Innsbruck’s Crystal Worlds

Once you’ve arrived in Innsbruck, you might want to take the shuttle bus that runs from the center to the Crystal Worlds. With 9,50 euros for adults, you can take a return ticket, but only in cases in which you already have the Innsbruck Card. If you decide to go by car, find out that parking is free of charge.

Your Innsbruck airport transport is also something important to think about. After all, you’ll have to go to your hotel once you land. Random taxis outside might be pretty costly, and they tend to overcharge you.

Once you get there, be ready to pay 19,00 euros for adults and 7,50 euros for children over 5 years old. The advantage of having an Innsbruck card comes in handy again, as entry is included in this card.

There is a huge gift shop at the end and you might want to pay it a visit, as it i tax free and you can pick up some bargains easily. Unsurprisingly, it is usually very crowded, so you need to keep in mind that you might need to spend much time there. Cafes, restaurants and other places are situated just outside the main building, so you can enjoy Crystal Worlds at their best.

Now that you’re prepared for everything these wonderful places in Innsbruck offer, get ready to experience the wonders of Innsbruck’s Crystal Worlds.

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