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Italy vs. Spain Travel: Which Should You Travel To?

Get ready for the hot holidays! Warm weather, exciting travels, friendly people, and mouthwatering food. All of this awaits you if you decide to travel to either Italy or Spain. However, if you must choose between the two, we might have some suggestions to make this decision easier for you. Here are some key points and comparisons!


Both of the countries are heaven on earth regarding gastronomy. Dishes established in Italy and Spain are now parts of the most popular cuisines in the world. However, they differ quite a lot, so keep that in mind.

  • Italy

The absolute majority of the world has tried Italian food, whether aware of it or not. You might think that all their dishes are similar in ingredients and flavors. Still, if you take the time to learn the history of food, you will realize how all of them have distinctive features, each coming from different regions that were not united up until the 19th century. The most popular meals include pizza, lasagna, gnocchi, risotto, all types of pasta, and basically, all things cheesy. They love to accompany their food with the famous Italian wine, and do not forget the Italian gelato!

  • Spain

Since Spain is made out of 17 autonomous communities, similarly to Italy, the Spanish united the traditions of each one, making it into one, tasty cuisine. Unlike in Italy, the Spanish prefer seafood and olive oil to dairy. Overall, their food is considered to be lighter, without the danger of overeating. Their most famous meals are tapas, paellas, gazpacho, tortillas, and differently prepared seafood. For dessert, they are proud to serve churros, and the Spanish go-to beverage is Sangria.


Probably the most significant part of deciding where to travel is, of course, things to see and do. Both Mediterranean countries are extremely rich in history and culture, so you will not have difficulty choosing where to go. There are numerous award-winning tours to Italy, as well as stunning ones to Spain. The only tricky thing might be picking which country is more exciting for you.

  • Italy

Italy is a beast when it comes to tourist attractions. The most popular places to visit are monumental pieces of Roman times, impressive in architecture and history, such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon, Pompeii, or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In Southern Italy, however, you will find a fair share of beaches and resorts, where you will be able to enjoy the Italian sun and the joys of clear blue seawater.

  • Spain

Just as Italy, Spain is impressive in how much historical heritage they managed to preserve. Many of those are also built by the Romans and a considerable part by Moors. You can see medieval castles and churches in Barcelona and plazas in Madrid and explore the vibrancy of Andalusia. See the wonder that is the Basilica of Sagrada Familia, spend days at Costa Brava, then head to the famous Ibiza and Canary Islands to party with other relaxed and happy holidaymakers. If you decide to take a trip to Spain, be prepared for a complete package!


Another key point in choosing your next holiday destination is knowing how much money you will need and how much of it you can afford to spend. Keep in mind that neither Spain nor Italy is cheap, and if you travel during the peak of the season, it will cost you even more. Let’s look at the more detailed prices:

  • Italy

Accommodations in Italy vary from €50 to €230, 3 stars hotel for approximately €100 per night. You will find everything from small hostels to luxurious apartments, so there will be something to your liking.

We suggest having about €65 in your pocket for a day for transportation and the occasional meal.

As for sightseeing, most of them do not cost over €20, but if you have your itinerary ready early on, we suggest purchasing your tickets online beforehand; this way, they are usually a bit cheaper.

  • Spain

Accommodations in Spain are cheaper, but only a tad. Be prepared to pay from €49 to €200 per night at a hotel, but much more for Airbnb rentals. There are excellent choices for settling in the city center or next to a beach.

Depending on what you plan on doing during the day, we recommend having about €70 for a day, including transportation.

Tourist attractions here cost more than in Italy, so check the prices carefully. There are many guided tours for small groups, but they are more expensive, so if you want that kind of privacy, be prepared to pay more!

Hopefully, we helped you make the right decision. However, no matter which one you pick, there is no wrong answer, since Italy and Spain are exceptional, rich countries. So think it through and have fun!

If you have any questions, please ask below!