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How Minimize the Travel Cost and Maximize Enjoyment

Passenger Jet LandingWhile the number of people holidaying abroad fell by 15% during the recent recession, a summer break in an exotic location remains an aspiration for many families throughout the UK. Given the parlous nature of the British economy, however, there is still a pressing need for consumers to spend responsibly and book a holiday that is within their means.

While the quest to save money is an important one, it is also crucial that you strive to book a holiday that offers genuine value for your investment. Striking this balance between managing costs and achieving value requires much attention to detail, and a willingness to invest time into thoroughly researching the wealth of travel, accommodation and insurance options that are at your disposal.

How to Save Money on your Summer Break: Practical Steps

With this in mind, what practical steps can you take to save money when booking your holiday without compromising the overall quality of the experience? Consider the following ideas:

• Consider Booking Flights and Accommodation Separately: While package holidays often represent a convenient option for travelers, they do not necessarily deliver the best possible value. Not only this, but inflexible package trips may also compromise your experience, as you are likely to book a holiday that does not meet your precise requirements. While package holidays are often marketed as being cost effective travel solutions, you will have a greater range of prices and service providers to compare if you book flights and accommodation separately. This increases your chances of accessing discounted deals, which can save you considerable sums of money across the entire trip.

• Become an Independent Traveler: When you create an itinerary for your trip, it is all too easy to find yourself drawn by commercial tours and expensive guided trips. These excursions cost a lot of money, however, while they do not allow you to tailor the experience according to your tastes. It is far cheaper and more enjoyable to plan your own independent excursions, so long as you research your chosen destinations and familiarize yourself with the regions public transportation network. If you are looking to save money and enjoy a genuinely rewarding holiday abroad, being an independent traveler is extremely beneficial.

• Purchase Adequate Travel Insurance: While many people consider travel insurance to be an expensive and unnecessary cost, it is usually something you do not miss until you genuinely need it. With this in mind, it is crucial that you identify a comprehensive policy that offers you adequate protection while you are away. Reputable providers such as Monkey offer flexible solutions to suit alternative countries and circumstances, and purchasing a customized policy offers you far greater value. In order to achieve this while also making financial savings, you should look to purchase a couples policy that remains valid whether you travel individually or together.

The Bottom Line for Travelers

During a recession, consumers are often forced to prioritize low cost purchases rather than those that represent excellent value. This is a false economy, especially when it comes to investing in big ticket items such as trips abroad. There is little point in saving hundreds of pounds if your holiday does not deliver an enjoyable experience, so it is important to strike a balance between frugal spending and achieving value for your hard earned money.

By investing time into the booking process and researching a host of individual options, it is possible to buy a reasonably priced holiday that exceeds your family's expectations. This should remain your goal at all times as a traveler, regardless of the exact destination that you choose to visit.

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