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Amsterdam Private Boat Hire – An Overview

Among the most admired characteristics of the city of Amsterdam, its network of canals is perhaps on the top. These serene waterways flowing across the city along with its stunning architecture and picturesque natural beauty make Amsterdam one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

If you were to experience the true day-to-day life and beauty of Amsterdam, hiring a private boat to tour its canals would be one of the wisest ways to do so. These canals give you a detailed glimpse of some of the most visited sites of the city. Besides, a private boat hire in Amsterdam with your private guide means you can get to know each and everything worth knowing about the city.

Why Prefer an Amsterdam Private Boat Hire?

The best way to enjoy your tour in the city’s waterways is by hiring a private boat. There are options for shared tourist boats but these cruises have their limitations.

  • Unlike a medium-sized private boat, a tourist boat is a bit too large to cruise through the narrower waterways. Hence, a private boat tour means you won’t miss any worth visiting sites as you can cruise through almost every route. This means getting to see all popular tourist attractions.
  • In a saloon boat, your captain acts as your dedicated guide and these captains are very knowledgeable when it comes to the history of the city, its famous sites, and interesting facts. Hence, private tours are in general more informative besides being more enjoyable.
  • You get a chance to have fun with your family and friends in complete privacy on board without any disturbances while on a personal saloon cruise. This isn’t possible in case or larger cruises.
  • You are allowed to have a personalized food and drinks menu (if you are going to have a meal on board) in a personal boat tour. It might not be possible in the case of shared cruises.
  • Bigger tourist boats can easily get stuck at the points where there is more than usual traffic. This can waste your time.
  • You can not adjust your start and end times on a shared cruise. This can be done on custom boats, however.
  • Pick-up points are fixed in case of bigger tourist boats. The personal smaller cruises on the other hand can adjust it according to your convenience.
  • You are not allowed to have celebrations on large shared cruises. However, private boat tours are a perfect way of celebrating a special day whether it is an anniversary, or a celebration with friends or simply a vacation with family.

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How to Rent a Boat in Amsterdam?

There are several choices available when it comes to booking the most suited private boat in Amsterdam. You can book a private boat for varying group sizes and for varying time durations. The minimum time for which a private boat must be booked is 60 minutes.

You can hire a small private boat Undine for groups of up to 8 individuals. There are larger boats available as well for bigger groups. The private boat Undine is equipped with all necessary facilities like mini bar, a luxurious sundeck, double glass window panes, electric engine, fleece blankets, and integrated heating.

Undine can also be booked for a luxurious dinner cruise for a couple. You can also have a meal on board from up to 3 restaurants along the canals in order to get the authentic taste of the Amsterdam’s local cuisine. However, for that, the minimum booking duration is at least 2 hours to do for the food preparation and serving time.

If you want to have a meal on a small private boat, the maximum capacity will be reduced to 5 people instead of 8 to do for the additional dining space.

In order to book a cruise according to your specific needs, refer to this link and get your boat booked today. Or if you are coming with larger groups, or have some specific preferences, you can call us at +31645251000 and we will let you know about the most suitable options depending on your group size and special requirements.

Private Tour Prices

Pricing for your personal boat trip will depend upon the size of your group and hence, boat size, and whether or not you’ll have a meal on the boat. Besides, other than a welcome drink, which is complementary, if you want to order something special, there will be an extra charge for that as well. Moreover, the price also depends on the duration for which you book the boat. The boat has a mini bar where you can get hot beverages like coffee and tea, or cold drinks along with bear etc.

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