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5 Places You Won't Want to Miss in Montreal

MontrealWhen planning a trip to Montreal, there are some really lovely places to visit that cannot be enjoyed anywhere else on earth. From botanical gardens to timeless iconic Montreal restaurants, you are sure to be delighted by all that you can see and experience here in the heart of Quebec. Don't be put off because the official language is French because most, if not all, residents speak English fluently so you will have no trouble getting around. Here are 5 places you won't want to miss in Montreal.

  1. Parc Jean Drapeau

Although the park itself is lovely, the main attraction for many is the innovative building shaped like a sphere and is, in fact, called the Biosphere. Here you will see the 1967 remnants of the World's Fair with the two unique elements being the Notre-Dame artificial island and the Ile Sainte-Helene in honor of Samuel de Champlain's wife.

  1. Rue Sherbrooke

Taking in a bit of history is something you will not find hard to do in Montreal when you stop to visit Rue Sherbrooke that was named after Canada's Governor General from 1816 to 1818. This thoroughfare is said to be Montreal's most elegant with some of the most impressive architecture you are likely to find anywhere. Home to several institutions and museums, there is something for everyone to see and if you are into social history, this is where you will find a huge number of exhibits.

  1. Dunns Famous Restaurant

Having been named one of Montreal's finest locally inspired iconic restaurants, this establishment founded in 1927 by Myer Dunn is one place you will not want to miss. With an eclectic mix of unique recipes, Dunns has become a place where visitors and residents alike stop by for some mouth-watering dishes that can't be found anywhere else in the city. Don't forget to round your meal out with one of their classic homemade pies.

  1. Notre-Dame Basilica

There is nothing quite as breathtaking as a historic cathedral and the Notre-Dame Basilica is the epitome of opulence from days gone by. Erected in 1656, this is the oldest church in Montreal with a façade from the neo-Gothic era and an interior of exquisite intricate design of Victor Bourgeau. All seasons of the year you can view a light and sound show that gives a history of the founding of Montreal. First-time visitors to the city must put this high on the ‘must-see' list.

  1. Places Jacques-Cartier

Although especially active in the warmer summer months, there is something quite lovely about Places Jacques-Cartier any time of the year. This is where you'll find Montreal's City Hall with architecture that is said to be ‘quite impressive' even to those who are not really into famous historic buildings. With lovely gardens, an assortment of historic buildings and numerous restaurants, cafés and public services, you'll be especially enthralled by Nelson's Column, Montreal, reminiscent of the sister column in Trafalgar Square, London. This is something history buffs won't want to miss.

As one of North America's most impressive cities, Montreal is a city you will want to visit as there are just so many sights and experiences that will transport you to another time and place. These are just a sampling of what this amazingly beautiful city has to offer so plan an extended stay to get in as much as you can. Truly a trip of a lifetime.

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