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The First Step in Home Restoration After a Disaster

huricaneWith Illinois homes struck by flood, California businesses endangered by raging fires and Hurricane Sandy-hit homes afflicted with mold, restoration and storage companies are undoubtedly seeing a lot of business. In response to the recent round of disasters hitting the States, many homeowners are planning for the worst.

When a natural disaster hits home, one of the first priorities for the homeowner is to repair and rebuild what is necessary. Especially in an instance where a home is damaged by flood, fire, or earthquake, there are likely to be valuables in the home that need to be removed and put in storage in order to begin repairs.

Managing Storage During Home Repairs

Before packing however, you will want to have a local restoration company do a walkthrough of your home. Sometimes damage to your home can be well hidden or take time to show up. For instance, many homes struck by Hurricane Sandy are now plagued with mold spawned by high levels of moisture trapped in walls and under floorboards. Once your home has been surveyed and a restoration project scheduled, you can move forward with finding the best modes of managing repairs.

With convenience and comfort on the minds of homeowners when the weather goes awry, portable storage containers are the best options when a restoration company comes in for repairs. These containers can stay in your driveway or on your property, providing you with the convenience of your belongings. Your restoration company will be able to refer you to a local portable storage, but you will want to do your research for the best deal. A portable storage company will be able to arrange to have your container dropped off and picked up. Most times, you will be able to keep the container indefinitely.

Rather than having to transport your furniture and other possessions to storage facilities, the company can save time and resources by having portable storage units in place. These containers on your property allow you and the restoration company to have full-time access to your possessions so that as soon as restoration is complete, you can begin refurnishing your home without the need for a moving company or moving truck.

Storage Containers are also Durable

You will also get peace of mind when working with mobile containers because they are built for the outdoors. Your possessions and valuables will be securely stored in a container that rests on steel caster wheels so that it is off the ground to keep water and dirt out.

If you live in an area that is at high risk for natural disasters, such as in the Midwest or Southeast, be sure to put a plan in place for your home before it is too late. You and your family will be able to cut down on the time it takes to refurnish your home after restoration is complete. So, how does it work?

When you need to hire a restoration company, all of your possessions will be put in storage so the crew can get started on your home. With a portable storage container, all of your stuff stays onsite and nothing will get lost in the shuffle. The company will be able to quickly move your things into the container and restore your home so that the entire job is completed quickly and efficiently. Research the options you have and be sure to go with a company that allows you to have the control you deserve in a difficult and uncertain situation. Whether it is for your home or business, a moving and storage container helps you get your life back to normal.

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