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Basic Ways how Granite Can Be Used

modern-kitchen-granite-countertops-298Granite is one of the most accepted construction resources of all. It has been taken into consideration for thousands of years in both outdoor as well as indoor uses. Granite rock is used in bridges, buildings, monuments, pavement and many different external projects. As far as consideration of indoors, graceful granite tiles and slabs are used on floors, in kitchen countertops, treads of stairs and at various other essential places. It can also be used to produce impressions of sophisticated and eminence. Beside that it also has various characteristics which makes it very popular material within landscapes, homes, sculptures and architecture.
Granite is resilient, attractive and strong, making it not only versatile but constructive for a variety of uses. This stone outlasts than other stones comparing to it this is why it is ideally used for sculpting and building. Its strong and resilient composition allows it to be shaped into your desirable form, and to suit your choice it is available in a large number of different colors as well. Basic ways how Granite can be used are:

Granite medallions – Medallions are mainly granite mosaics. Patterns and designs are cut and fixed on a, large to make it whole. They can be used on the floor or on the wall, indoors or outdoors. Now-a-days they are used in the entryway, on the shower or at the pool floor.

Bath vanity tops – It is resistance to water and mold, and these are so simple to clean. It doesn’t need to be isolated to a rarely-used visitor's bathroom but can be put in your main bathroom.

Fireplace mantles – Fireplace mantles made of granite usually makes an attractive living room attraction. It can be put on an ordinary fireplace and it happens to turn it into a majestic crucial point and great times are spent with friends and family near that.
Kitchen countertops and islands-Granite is strong, it can be easily cleaned, it is resistant to water and heat, and it is good at sanitary. It looks good in old traditional or the new modern kitchens, size doesn’t matters. It offers a diversity of colors.

Backsplashes – Granite is just as well-designed for a backsplash as meant for a countertop. It creates an exceptional obstruction between your wall and the water.

Desktops or tabletops – Granite is adequately graceful for a formal dine place and strong enough for a full of activity kitchen. It also works just fine with a desk for a residence workplace.

Bathroom sinks – Using granite as your bathroom sink is the most exclusive way to integrate in your home. Granite comes in angular basins, common platform sinks, modern or under mount sinks. These sinks are good water-resistant and simple to maintain. They shine just like a rich looking countertops.

Do you know how granite is extracted from the ground?

The superiority of Granite is reliant on the way that it is being mined. Basically there are 3 ways of extracting Granite which create varying levels of quality.

  • Blast extraction is done by drilling a hole into the bare rock surface and a charge is laid with the blast following. The blast doesn’t consider the best parts of the granite while in progress and after or during the blast small cracks are formed affecting the strength of the granite and consequently it tends to diminish the worth of that granite.
  • Air Bag extraction method uses air rather than the detonators. Air amplifies the pressure on the rock which works as a blast. In this method the air Bag is inserted into the drilled hole and inflated afterwards with this small cracks doesn’t forms on the surface of the rock.
  • Stone-Cut extraction is said to be used for the yield of highest quality product. With the type of machinery involved extraction cost can be highest than rest of the other two methods. It minimizes the danger of small cracks.

These all steps are performed at the granite quarry for more information on granite processing and quarrying techniques you can visit Kimberley Granite Quarries page. Blast extraction at a quarry can be seen below in the video:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEl6ooG6FYw]

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