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What You Must Consider When Renovating in Winter

As we all know summer is reserved for house renovation. However, sometimes there is just not enough time to get all the upgrades done during the summer. For that reason, some home improvement projects are better done in winter. Although harsh weather conditions can represent an obstacle when it comes to exterior house upgrades, there are in fact many other useful and important house revamps that need our attention during the winter. In addition to making the home functional, winter renovation also means that your finance won’t be too overwhelmed.

Here are a few tips about winter renovation you ought to know:

Perks of winter renovation

Since winter is not the peak time for contractors and renovation team, planning your home renovation in winter means you can easily find a professional and a crew. Not only will you be able to set a convenient renovating schedule, but you may also be able to get the work done at a bargain price. Thus, you’ll be saving your time and money. Moreover, getting all the necessary paperwork and permits for remodeling will be a lot easier than in the summertime. In winter there are not as many permits being requested, so you won’t be wasting time on tedious administration.

Bargain price on the materials

Another perk of winter renovation is the discount on materials that are usually quite costly. It often happens that manufacturers lower their prices on lumber. If you are looking for solid materials to buy at a bargain price, definitely opt for lumber, even if you are planning your renovation in spring. Windows can also be extremely expensive. However, during the winter season, many high-quality windows can be found on sale. Even though it is off-season, many manufacturers, and installers won’t have a problem with setting up the windows you purchased in cold weather.

Interior renovation is a must

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During winter, exterior renovation of your home is not the best choice. Any exterior upgrade on the house is at risk of getting damaged due to the harsh weather conditions. As a result, you’ll be losing your money. Nevertheless, what you can do is to remodel the interior. For example, a fresh coat of paint in the kitchen or the bathroom will do the trick. Make sure the heating is working properly to dry it. Changing tiles, flooring or appliances in the home can be done regardless of the season. Consult a professional as to get the best ROI.

Roof and balcony upgrades

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Your home loses the most of its heat and energy through the roof. The snow that melts on the roof is accumulated as water in the gutters. Since the gutters are cold, the water freezes, thus, making ice dams. Hire a professional to fix the holes where the heat is lost and prevent ice dams. Buying gutter heathers helps, too. If you want to get more room and spend some time outside, your balcony can be easily upgraded for that purpose. For example, a convenient solution is installing an awningthat provides shelter from the rain.

Watch out for water hazards

However, winter renovation has its weak points. The one you should be extremely conscious of is the home plumbing system. Since the water freezes due to low temperatures, the pipes are at risk of breaking. Prevent this on time by requesting your water supply to be shut off completely. Your plumber can also resolve this by heating your house’s waterline. Either way, you shall successfully avoid water hazards. Make sure to let the heat circulate in the house by leaving the cabinet doors open in the bathroom or the kitchen.

Think of the neighbors

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When renovating in a semi-detached house, especially during winter, it would be wise to consult your neighbors. Since you will be remodeling the interior of your home, any heat loss that you suffer from your side of the wall will negatively affect your neighbor’s room temperature. This is a typical scenario that neighbors who share the same walls face. After notifying your neighbor, you can also ask the renovator to set up a temporary insulation that will efficiently save the heat and energy. However, this may cost you.

What you must consider when renovating in winter are the numerous advantages. First of all, the off-season is a perfect timing to hire a professional at a reasonable price. Getting all the permits without hassle is a plus as well as buying material at a bargain price. Although exterior upgrades are not feasible, you can always redo the kitchen, the bathroom, the roof and the balcony. Despite its weak points, such as water hazards and heat loss in a semi-detached house, winter renovation is actually worth your time and money.

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