Open Concept Homes: The Right Style for Your Family?

If you want to maximize the space in your home and bring your family together, making the change to an open concept layout may be the choice for you. By having an open concept home you are able to create the look of space without engaging with a costly and time-consuming home addition project. If you’re concerned about whether or not you should eliminate the walls in your home and create an open concept floor plan, we have put together a list of a few considerations you should make.

Is it functional?

Before considering any of the finer or design details, take a few moments to consider the logical functionality of an open concept floor plan. It is important to consider your families specific needs and lifestyle, as well as budget, so that you make an informed choice from the beginning. Think about how each space would be utilized and how they would work together, and if your family is comfortable co-habitating space without defined barriers. This will help ensure you make the right choice for this home renovation that could last a lifetime.


The layout of your home is important, and not every layout is best converted to an open concept floor plan. Many people complain of a lack of space in their home. When you have a lot of individual rooms on a floor with many walls, opening these spaces up can create the illusion of space quickly and without moving or adding square footage. However, if you already have big space in your home knocking down any walls may lead to the space looking unfinished and too open to be aesthetically pleasing.

Dynamic Spaces

In a home where space is not used efficiently, making the switch to an open concept floor plan can be extremely beneficial. Without the pockets of dead space, you can use the collective space for a variety of uses. For example, if your formal dining room joins with your living room and kitchen you can either keep the space for formal dining or use it for more than one thing. A formal dining room could also be an office or a homework station. Keep in mind, though, that eliminating pockets of space by adding them to the collective space will limit the designated quiet zones in your home.

Have a Design Plan

When you remove the walls in your home, the obvious symptom will be that there is now no physical barrier between your separate rooms. For this reason, in order for your house to look put-together the décor throughout your open concept floor plan will need to match or follow the same design aesthetic to maintain a coherent look. Paint, trim, and fixtures will all need to match which may require a contractor. Also consider furniture, though. If your furniture does not already follow an aesthetic make sure you budget in additional funds to purchase some new items to complete your newly renovated home.

Professional Help Recommended

You may be eager to take a sledgehammer to your walls right away and get the job done yourself. Although there are many home renovations that are relatively simple to complete on your own, creating an open concept floor plan is more complicated than it may appear. When knocking down walls, especially multiple walls, it is important to have a professional on site. A professional will be able to make sure that no load bearing walls are knocked down and assess how to reroute any electrical or plumbing lines that may be hidden in your walls. Make sure you consult with professionals and allow them to take the lead in order to avoid costly mistakes.

Budget, Budget, Budget!

As with any home renovation project, it is absolutely critical that a reasonable budget is discussed and worked within right from the start. On average, the costs of knocking a wall down will vary from about $500 to $1000. For load-bearing walls, this cost will be greater due to engineering requirements to ensure safety is maintained for workers and your home. Following the completion of your project also keep in mind that you will need to hire professionals such as plumbers and electricians to inspect your home and ensure that all of the work has been completed safely. Any cosmetic finishing or furnishings that you want to add would be in addition to these costs.

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