How Laying Red Surface Tiles Can Reinvigorate your Kitchen Space

red-kitchenWhisper it quietly, but the kitchen is fast becoming the focal point of homes throughout the UK.

Whereas the kitchen was once a functional space where food was prepared and served, it has now emerged as a multi-purpose, recreational space for contemporary home-owners. Alongside an adjoining dining area, it is now a place designed to entertain guests in a range of alternative scenarios, such as formal dinner parties and impromptu social gatherings.

As a result of this rapid evolution, kitchen design trends have also changed considerably in recent times. Keeping pace with these changes can be a considerable challenge, but it is important if you wish to create a thriving contemporary space that has the capacity to serve numerous purposes. The use of colour is particularly important, with modern trends supporting the use of bold and bright shades as a way of breathing life into your existing space.

Creating a Red Tile Floor in your Kitchen: It Benefits for Modern Home-Owners

The fiery red shade of terracotta has emerged as particularly popular in contemporary kitchen design, along with similarly bold tones and colours. These shades are now widely used by home-owners and interior design experts when tiling floors and walls, as well as work surfaces and units. With this in mind, what are the benefits of creating red tiled surfaces in your kitchen and how can they bring your creative vision into life?

Consider the following points:

Red Invigorates and Energises an Existing Space

On a basic note, the colour red both invigorates and energises an existing space. When you lay terracotta or bright red tiles on your kitchen floor, you are establishing a base tone that helps to create a positive mood and enjoyable atmosphere. The colour red is also known to inspire feelings of warmth and intimacy, which is ideal if you are looking to use your kitchen as a formal or informal entertainment space. These colours are also likely to hold visitors attention and create a wow-factor among your numerous guests, which is another benefit for those with a sense of flair and style.

Create a Bold Focal Point in your Kitchen

Modern design experts will always suggest creating a bold focal point in various rooms throughout your home, but this is not always easy in a relatively compact and restricted space such as the kitchen. This is why laying red floor tiles in your kitchen is a sensible design move, as it instantly creates a striking focal point that grabs the attention of residents and visitors alike. So rather than investing in a costly item of furniture that clutters your space, you can select a cost-effective method of tiling that helps you to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Break New Ground while Creating a Unique and Varied Colour Scheme

While you may be impressed with the visual impact of your red or terracotta flooring, you should strive to create a varied and unique colour scheme in your kitchen. Although a red tiled floor can create a bold and striking foundation for your design, it is important that you build on this and integrate additional colours to enhance the appearance. So consider integrating a further two colours into your existing kitchen space, using your bold red flooring as a primary shade that should account for an estimated 60% of the overall kitchen. Remember that by selecting a striking primary colour, you can optimise your design and widen the potential choice of secondary tones.

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