Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

image 2Bathroom is a space that is used everyday and just like any other room in the house it should be given a proper design treatment. The fact that it is being frequently used should be taken into strong consideration and it has been proven that contemporary design ideas, with their minimalistic and functional solutions, are the appropriate manner to get the most of the space available. In fact, it turned out that if it was not properly designed people often end up feeling claustrophobic even in the largest of bathrooms. Therefore, here are some modern design ideas that will turn your make your bathrooms practical and elegant at the same time.

Geometrical lines

Modern bathroom design favors geometrical approach. You are not limited to one shape, still, keeping a uniform line is essential in achieving the entire modern idea and compactness of the space. Therefore, if you opt for straight lines, make sure all the elements you use are straight lined. If oval is your choice, all elements should be oval. This should be easily implemented since there is a vast offer of shapes and lines when it comes to any type of bathroom elements and you will not have any trouble finding suitable ones.image 3


Soft color palette is the recommended choice for all small and midsized bathrooms since they provide an excellent base in making your bathroom look bigger, combined with suitable lighting and accessories. If this is your goal, cool colors, blue, green and violet ones would be a proper choice. On the other hand, large bathrooms allow the opportunity to play with contrasting colors and emphasis of certain areas giving them different dynamics. To make them warmer, opt for warm colors, red, orange and yellow shades.


This is an important feature of any modern designed bathroom. Having as much natural light as possible is certainly most important. Windows are also a spot for design ideas, especially their frames. If your bathroom is small, a contrasting paint used for window frame will give a more spacious appearance to the entire room. However, since bathrooms are more frequently used during night hours, artificial lighting needs to be given equal treatment. Make use of the available contemporary solutions and even create a futuristic outlook. For example, motion detecting lights and voice activated ones are commonly available and give a special contemporary touch. Led lights are another option, as well as dimmable central fixtures that will enable you to create an atmosphere of your preference whenever you feel like changing the general setting. However, remember to follow the geometrical line you opted for in the beginning.

Bath tub and shower cabin

image 4The choice between a bath tub and a shower cabin is based solely on your preferences and the size of your bathroom. Both elements are featured as a center piece of any modern bathroom design. When it comes to bath tubs, oval shaped elegant lined ones are a safe choice, especially the pedestalled ones. However, that does not mean you cannot go for square or rectangular ones. You will easily find suitable one considering the variety of bath tubs based stores offer. The same shape approach applies to shower cabins, with additional attention to choice of door material. See through doors will deepen the space while colored ones will shrink it. It is important to remember that both tubs and cabins are your center pieces and that they will dictate the lines of all other elements you choose.

image 5Less is more

Modern design is minimalistic in nature. Let your bathroom space breathe and do not clutter it with excess of accessories that you do not use regularly. Keep things simple but effective and you will have a compact modern outlook.


A touch of greenery is more than welcome, as long as it is carefully placed and used only for accenting certain areas. It will also make the entire atmosphere more natural and warmer, breaking the possible sterile atmosphere modern minimalistic design sometimes radiates.

As it is the case with any serious design work, a lot of details need to be taken into consideration and they are all important parts in implementing the overall idea. However, all the work you invest will certainly pay off and you will surely be pleased with the outcome.


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