Future Kitchen Concept Designs And Trends

storage-smart-main-1-mdnThe trend towards individuality is not interrupted even in the interior design of the kitchen of the future. 20 years ago there were about 100 options for designs that were available to buyers, whereas at the moment, a number of manufacturers offer over 1000 varieties of interior design.

They pay particular attention to the smallest details and elements that are an integral part of a comprehensive and innovative design concept.

Kitchen Design Trends Of The Future

Lately there is a trend towards the optimal use of space and a growing trend in the development of an open-end kitchens-design inspiration that is increasingly used in modern interior designs. The place for cooking and living area are combined, as the kitchen is the centre of unity, family life and home, perfectly combined with modern design. In an open kitchen, one can cook and entertain themselves at the same time, communicate and relax with your friends.


Recent trends in interior design kitchen reached such dimensions that led consumers to look at the room more as an entertainment centre. Modernequipment and appliances may be included, which have many additional perks,such as a phone, internet, IPod connection and built-in speakers. These gadgets can be quite convincing and popular, especially among younger buyers.

Slick Materials And Neutral Colours


The most actual kitchen colour is the trendy white.It offers elegant simplicity and the possibility of combining a number of elements and colours for natural impact and creating different moods. Preferred materials for production are: stainless steel, chrome, stone and glass. Their use extends the life of the kitchen and ensure high quality and long service life.

Modern Trends In The Kitchen Appliances

There’s a new, modern and high-tech emphasis onthe dishwashers that are barely visible on the outside, take up minimal interior space, consume less water and are quieter than ever. With growing popularity and more original designs are also combined electric/gas stoves and professional refrigerators, marble sinks, facets, counter tops and floating cabinets, as well as the unique systems for waste separation.


There is hardly any area in the home interior design, that has undergone as many revisions as the kitchen. Combination of materials-glass and stainless steel and rich colours, modern ideas presented in a new and unique light. The contemporary kitchen impresses with vision, ensures long periods of use, convinces with its technological capabilities and focuses on ergonomics and efficiency.

Smart Technologies Enter The Kitchen

High technology that enters our daily lives, will allow us to prepare complex and sophisticated dishes that will save us time and effort.

The refrigerator of the future will have built-in sensors that will determine the location of the products will create optimum conditions of temperature and humidity for each of them, forming local storage areas. Built-in computer will suggest you what dishes can be prepared from the products in the fridge and what to buy.

The antibacterial coating of the refrigerator, the vacuum insulation panels, and the cooling system with the air gel will keep the freshness and the beneficial properties of the products.

11jpgThe stove will automatically choose the time and temperature required for cooking. The hobs will determine its size according tothe used pots and pans, thus heating in the required diameter. Regular oven maintenance will be quite easier with the improved self-cleaning functions, which will completely get your rid of one of the most unpleasant duties. However, while those technologies are yet to be introduced, you will need to perform regular clean-ups of the oven cavity and hobs. As most professional cleaners suggest that it happens every 2 months.

But the kitchen of the future will not be defined just by the multifunctional intellectual equipment. The regular items will look quite differently as well.

We will cover the freshly cooked pancakes with a super napkin. It will actually be a semiconductor with embedded silver threads. When it’s on, one side is heated, while the other - cooled. Depending on your desire, you can keep the pancakes warm, while the fruits and meat - cold. On top of that, the silver threads provide an antibacterial effect.


Naturally, radical changes come in the design of the furniture. It’s hard to predict with absolute precision, but expect that the kitchen will become ever more functional, while the appliances will fully integrated into the furniture. The idea of a smart sink is already floating around in the heads of engineers. It will automatically adjust to your height and obeys voice commands.

All this is only part of the technological marvels of the future. Will we ever see with our eyes this super modern kitchen? Why not. Do not forget that a while agothe wood-fired stove had no alternative, and glass-ceramic plates belonged in the fantasy genre.

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