6 Ways Your Kitchen Is Killing You Right Now

kitchen killer
What kills us slowly i our fashion, modern kitchens

You may feel confident enough with your well-designed kitchen appliances. You think that regular scrubbing of the floor makes dropping of food not harmful. In fact, if you venture into the greasy depths of your oven, you will find some nasty surprises. And let me assure you, there is worse- here are the six ways your kitchen is killing you right now:

  • The Awful Concept of the Five-Second Rule

For those who don’t have a clue what the five-second rule is, here’s the explanation. If you drop food on the floor and pick it up within five seconds, it doesn’t count as dirty and inedible. Sadly, this rule applies for floors which are clean and free from heavy foot traffic. The latter is almost impossible in your kitchen. Well, unless you are a cyborg that stands in place and uses mechanical arm extensions. So next time you see a nice, juicy piece of bacon on the floor, just give it to your cat and forget about the case.

  • Unwanted Ingredients Coming from You

If you’ve seen how a work desk looks like after eight-hour shift, you will have an idea of the filth that comes from you alone. Yes, I’m talking about hair, skin cells, sweat, and sometimes saliva. All these niceties will end up in your food if you don’t wear a hat (restaurant cooks wear it for a reason) or if you lean over your dishes too much.

  • Paint in Your Kitchen

Traditional latex paints emit chemicals like ethylene glycol after the walls dry up. It is one of the reasons why most kitchens usually have tiled walls. If you prefer painted walls for your kitchen, choose milk paint instead of latex. It lasts just as long as traditional products. It contains only biodegradable components like milk protein and minerals.

kitchen paint
  • Mould

While all us have mould spores in our homes, its actual growth can lead to respiratory problems. Even more, substantial worsening of allergy and asthma symptoms, especially for children. In severe cases, mould can even lead to shock, which leaves you completely unable to breathe. Mould most often occurs in the moistest areas of our homes. Such areas is the kitchen, but poorly-ventilated bathrooms and basements are even more likely. Make regular checks of these places for mould. Once you remove it from there, figure out what the underlying cause is, and address it without delay.

mold in kitchen cabinet
  • Dirty Ovens
dirty oven
Oven that needs serious cleaning

Ovens are the nightmare of those who hate cleaning in general. Now you may wonder what kind of people enjoy rubbing grime build-ups, after all. Well, nobody likes cleaning, especially oven cleaning. It is a really nasty job. First of all, all ovens have many parts. Trays, racks, panels, fans, light protectors, control knobs, extractor filters, and so forth. All these components have lots of food residue and accumulate grease. That way your food gets less tasty if you skip oven cleaning. Furthermore, the layers of filth make your kitchen a toxic place. The situation will worsen if you try to deal with this matter by using strong chemicals. The use of toxic cleaning products for cooker cleaning can easily contaminate your food.

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Each year 170 of us never wake up thanks to this sneaky killer. Carbon monoxide poisoning comes by malfunctioning fuel burning appliances. These fixtures include furnaces, kitchen ranges, water and room heaters. One way to protect yourself is to ensure proper ventilation of these appliances. That means having the pipes angle up and checking that vents are free of cracks and gaps. And the most important measure: install a standard carbon monoxide detector. These devices don’t cost much and are the best way to neutralise that toxic gas.

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  1. Oh my god! I never knew there were such deadly things in my kitchen i’m tottaly going to do something about this can you recommend a company that specializes in this in the area of Clapham?

  2. OMG i can’t belive that is in my house! I will take instant mesures againts this thank you so much!

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