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How to Make the Most Use of a Small Living Space

small bedroomMost of us don’t have the large house or apartment we dream of, for finding such a place can be very expensive and few people can afford such luxury. Living in a small apartment or house can be difficult to manage concerning decoration options, space organization and storage. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean you cannot make even the smallest of spaces into your dream home. Careful planning and use of the space you have got to work with can transform your house or apartment into the place you always wanted to live in. So, practicality is the key. And, of course, a little imagination and creativity can go a long way as well.

Here, 10 tips and ideas on how to improve and organize your small space will be listed, and some have proved to be very useful for this sort of challenge.

1. Wall Colors

Warm and bright colors can make a world of difference when it comes to small space decoration. When choosing a color pallet for your house or apartment, have in mind that light and vivid colors create the illusion of a larger room. So, a good choice would, for example, be any shade of white, yellow, orange or light green.

2. Make use of your space

The best way to accomplish this is not to close up the space you have. A nice choice would be to use leggy furniture, simply because it visually takes up less space. Another tip is to have open storage spaces which can be accomplished by removing the doors of your dressers and closets. Even though this does not add to the room you already have, it is a nice way of at least visually expanding it.

3. Divide your space with furniture

Walls can cut up the space and make it appear even smaller than it actually is. So, instead of dividing your house or apartment in that way, you can use furniture for the same purpose. This can be more practical and create the illusion of a larger space at the same time. A good way of dividing two rooms, or a room and hallway can be accomplished by putting a bookshelf instead of a wall.

4. Double duty furniture

compact furniture

To maximize your space, you can transform ordinary household objects into storage space, like staircases into bookshelves or drawers. Ottomans can also serve as small storage spaces, holding magazines, phone chargers and other everyday objects. In addition, the space underneath the bed or sofa can serve as storage space as well.

5. Repetition

By repeating a pattern or a motive, an impression of a larger space is created. If we see a design element repeated many times, we are tricked into believing that the room we find ourselves in is a lot bigger than it actually is. Bookshelves are a good choice, because they can create a feeling of plenty. Consider also grouping your art in one specified location, for it can create a similar effect to that of the bookcases. Also, striped rugs can elongate floor spaces, giving us the image of a larger space.

6. Mirrors

Large, well placed mirrors are possibly the best solution for a small house or apartment. They give the impression of expansion and of fullness of space. Apart from this, they have many other roles, such as, brightening a room if placed opposite of windows, or add the feeling of a greater deepness of space.

7. Keep track of your belongings

Cluttering and collecting unnecessary things can be a big problem if you simply do not have any space to spare. So, keep a record of your belongings, and if you notice that you no longer need or use an item, sell or donate it, and you will have more room for the things you already own, as well as some new items you may need.

8. Bathrooms

modular bathroom

Bathrooms can be tricky to handle when having to deal with a small space. A good solution may be to pick modular bathrooms or modular bathroom pods, or order prefabricated modular bathrooms-these things save space like nobody’s business and can definitely help you out if you’re struggling with space.

There are many other small tips on saving space-but these are the easiest ones to implement.

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