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Things to Consider Before Hiring an Interior Painter

interior-paintingHiring an interior painter can feel overwhelming and take a lot time. Don't wait until the last second to make a decision. Begin the process of finding an interior painter several months in advance of when you need the painter to begin. The best painters can be booked up to a year or more in advance, so this a situation where procrastination does not pay-it costs.

Before you think about hiring an interior painter there are seven things you should keep in mind to help you find the right interior painter and assure the job goes flawlessly.

  1. Research a little about interior painting Learn the terms painters are likely to throw at you, the general process a painting contractor will follow and approximately how long it should take to complete a project similar in size to your project. This information will help you assess the validity of estimates contractors give you and provides a basis on which to evaluate other aspects of each company equitably.
  2. Begin your search using the internet.Check professional painting trade organizations like the PDCA You can search for a certified, professional interior painter in your state. Check out your local Chamber of Commerce site for interior painters in your area as well as the better business bureau to eliminate any potentially shady contractors.
  3. If any of your friends have had interior painting done recently, and you like the results, then ask your friend for a recommendation. This can save you time. Make sure you ask them about their experience, the processes the contractor followed, how they handled your belongings, if they moved furniture or the owner had to do that, the types of materials the contractor used and what types of repairs the contractor was able to make. Ask about the estimate and any guarantees as well as how long it took the painter to complete the job.
  4. One you have several contractors in your candidate pool create a short comparison spreadsheet or checklist where you can document the same information from each contractor. This is an easy way to do a side-by-side comparison to determine which contractor can match your needs best, and deliver the greatest value for the best price.
  5. Eliminate any contractors that are not certified, bonded or insured. Without insurance you can get stuck for any mistakes a contractor makes that need to be repaired or for any work that is unfinished. Bonding or insured contractors offer peace of mind and protect your budget. If something happens, the contractor bears the cost of any repairs, quality faults or unfinished work. Even if it is completed by another contracting firm.
  6. Ask to see examples of other projects your candidates have completed. There is no substitute for actually walking into a property the contractor has painted. Check out all surfaces for finish and look at how corners and woodwork have been handled. If you have any questions about how something was done ask them immediately while you are there. Try to talk with the owners to find out about their personal experiences working with the interior painting contractor. Were they pleased, was the estimate accurate, was the contractor on time every day, was the contractor professional and courteous.
  7. Finally, make sure you get estimates from all potential contractors. Ask them how they calculate time and how they handle any diversion from the estimate they provide. This is critical in order to avoid significant cost overruns. Many painters provide a guarantee that actual costs will not exceed the estimate by more than a certain percentage. Ask about guarantees and warranties so you clearly understand how the estimate was calculated and what charges over the estimate you are responsible to pay.

Once you assemble all of the information compare the results. Narrow your list down to two final candidates. If you are stuck between them, consider experience, expertise, and start time. Experience and expertise generally show in the final result. Think carefully about whom you choose. Which contractor can begin closest to your desired work start date to ensure your project remains on time? This is especially important if you have other contractors that need to get into your home to complete work that is dependent on the painting.

When you are aware of the seven things that are important in hiring an interior painter it will simplify your hiring process. Good luck!

The author, Leo Preston researches and writes articles about painting and interior design. When she was in Sydney, she got idea about painting services Sydney. Renovating several rooms in her home, she learned some valuable things about hiring an interior painter and shares some of those insightsin this article.

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