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How to Keep Your Home Secure

secure-your-homeWe know from all those different movies how quick your beloved home can be emptied by some nasty bugs, called burglars. This crime maybe lasts around 20 minutes, but the consequences can haunt you a life time. However, protecting your home must not be rocket science at all. There is no need to get the heavy artillery out, such as the expensive alarm systems. With a couple of little tricks and gimmicks you are able to upgrade your home security. Some ideas don't even cost a single penny besides time and effort. If 8 year old Macaulay Culkin can defend his home against 2 crazy burglars in ‘Home Alone' - why can't we do it?

Don't forget to lock the Door Honey!

We all know the awkward feeling, when we haven't done so. However, it is the simplest action to take, to prevent thieves to break into your home. It is. Still people are forgettable and unreliable if it comes to locking their doors or window.

Hence, DON'T FORGET to lock up, as the majority of thieves jump through an open ground-floor window or even the door. Always double check if everything's locked up and safe before you leave the house!

And if you have a back garden, the back door is the most vulnerable part of the house. Therefore it requires full attention and is an easy way into your house!

Where do I hide the spare key?

Another casual problem is when you plan on leaving your home for a long nice vacation. Hide it under the carpet in the front door like every other does it or maybe under the vase to be unique?

My tip is, the more bizarre your hiding place is, the more difficult will it be for any burglar to enter you house. For instance, if you have a dog as a pet, which mostly stays outside and enters the house via a little pet door; then I have the greatest hiding place for you: Just tape the key securely to your four legged friend's collar, where it can be seen. Additionally, if you have more than one dog, just attach it to the dog with the least friendliest one to strangers - Problem solved!

Just change your locks?

In many cases the easiest way to enter your house for a burglar is having a door key or the pass code for the keypad lock. But just take a second and think about, when you first bought this house: Have you ever changed the locks, after you purchased your current home? Many will have accepted the keys, without thinking, who else may have a set of copy of those keys.

Another story for our young and handsome bachelors: Imagine, you just ended a relationship and you would legitimately worry that your ex might still have the keys for your front door. Hence, change the locks so nobody will be able to enter your house with permission!

Turn on the lights!

Another fact is that burglars and thieves do fear light, as they don't want to be seen when they go ahead with their crime. If you live on a dark street or the entrance has dark areas, you could use motion-sensor lights that automatically turn on to the slightest movement close to your house. Those lights don't need to be really bright, BUT bright enough to scare off any thieves from your property.

Furthermore, if you plan on having a long vacation, make sure you use timers on your lights, in order to make you house look occupied.

What do you need a Garage for?

It's not built to store your old furniture, old boxes and other useless stuff. People stuff their garage to the fullest and then it comes to the point, where the car has to be parked outside!

Parking your vehicle inside will prevent anyone vandalising it or worse being stolen, whilst you away. So clean up your garage on the weekend and DON'T forget to lock your garage, when you are away as we know that is a common beginner's mistake!

If you have any questions, please ask below!