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Surprising Things in Your Yard that Require Maintenance

yardYard maintenance requires continual attention. There are obvious tasks like cutting the grass, pulling weeds or changing sprinkler heads that need to be done on a regular basis. However, some surprising things in your yard also require maintenance. It is important to monitor these items to keep your yard shining.

Tree Roots and Sidewalks

If you are living in the city, there are certain risks associated with having trees in your yard. There is the possibility tree roots will displace sidewalk areas and create a safety hazard. As a homeowner, it is important to watch for this maintenance issue and address it as soon as it arises. It is your responsibility to deal with the hazard before someone gets hurt. According to the Georgia Forestry Commission, cutting roots is seldom a long term solution. The methods for dealing with displaced sidewalks vary, and qualified landscaping services can help with repair or tree removal.

Branches against the House

Trees and shrubs are typical landscaping features, and trimming these plants is a normal yard maintenance task. While trimming, homeowners should remain cognizant of tree limbs or shrub branches physically touching houses. This contact provides a bridge for ants and other pests to stream into homes. Consumer Reports provides homeowners detailed information on how to pruneandtrim treesandshrubs. Tools such as Fiskars lopping shears can helpingetting this job done. It is also important to remove tree branches and leaves close to the house. Clogged gutters are inconvenient and may cause damage to household structures.

Built-up Dirt around the Foundation

According to Terminix, termites swarm in almost every state in the U.S. and can cause extreme damage to homes. Dirt built-up around a home’s foundation can create a safe haven for termites. Over time dirt may build up around a home without anyone really noticing. It is important for homeowners or landscapers to monitor this issue and address it as soon as possible. Reducing the threat of termites can save homeowners thousands of dollars.

Timer Boxes in the Sun

Timer boxes are used to regulate yard watering systems. These devices are typically easy to operate and are kept in a protective box. It is important to keep these devices out of the sunlight to prevent damage to internal mechanisms. Many homes in the city have timer boxes installed in the garage or very near to houses. Country homes may not have the same setup. Damaged or ineffective timer boxes can wreak havoc on entire yards, so proper placement is critical for maintaining beautiful landscapes.

Popped Drip Lines

Drip lines are a common feature in most yards. It is an efficient system for watering large areas without wasting excessive amounts of time or energy. After drip lines are installed, it is easy to forget about them until a plant in the yard starts to die. It is not uncommon for drip lines to become detached or damaged for various reasons. In general, the system may continue to function but certain areas of your yard may begin to suffer. Checking for popped or damaged drip lines is an important task.

Exposed Water Pipes

For some, wrapping pipes and other exposed structures during the wintertime is an obvious yard maintenance task. However, for those living in the desert it may not be as obvious. The desert can become exceedingly cold during the wintertime. With advances in landscaping technologies and techniques, it has become feasible to maintain beautiful landscaping in dry and arid areas. It is imperative to insulate water pipes to prevent joints from freezing and cracking. The City of Las Vegas provides desert residents safety tips for dealing with cold weather.

Managing these six surprising yard maintenance issues will enhance the aesthetic appearance of your home. It will also reduce landscaping costs and potential safety hazards. When performing yard maintenance it helps to think outside the box.

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