Why It's so Great: Top Five Advantages of Hydroponics

image003While hydroponics - the growing of plants without soil, often indoors - has been around for decades, very few have yet to try this wonderful method of raising delicious crops. Often, amateurs are intimidated by the technological know-how that is required for this science, or feel that all the scientific talk is mumbo-jumbo and unnatural. However, hydroponics has time and again proven to be a very handy method for consistently growing superior crops - anywhere and anytime - and, needless to say, it can one day help eradicate world hunger.

The advantages are numerous, but here is what you should know about the top five advantages of hydroponics:

  1. Hydroponics is excellent for urban growing

Hydroponics is excellent for growers with limited space - it's perfect for urban horticulture. It requires limited space, and because growers don't need to use soil, it's much less messy than the traditional way of raising plants and vegetables. A small room is all you need to have a small garden that produces delicious vegetables - in fact, even a closet will do. With the right hydroponics supplies, experienced growers can be self-sufficient regarding their vegetable and herb needs without having to go to the supermarket. The result: sustainable vegetables that could tremendously help farming in urban areas.

  1. No more toiling: it's labour saving

Granted, the setup - installing the right hydroponics supplies and creating a system that works smoothly - can cost a little money and time. It is, like many other high-quality arrangements, an investment. There's also a learning curve; beginners should start small and stick to the basics. However, thanks to technology, the whole process is really a walk in the park considering the quality and consistency of the yield. A great hobby with a lot less labour involved compared to outdoor gardening!

  1. Hydroponics truly produces superior quality

Because the grower can scientifically determine how many nutrients the plant receives on a given day and because the plants grow stronger and faster, the fruits and vegetables are truly of superior quality. Furthermore, the grower has much less to fret about compared to the outdoor farmer: with the indoor hydroponics approach, the grower doesn't have to worry about pest control or bad weather all the time. Great veggies and fruit protected from the outside elements!

  1. Consistency: great quality - all the time, every time!

The process is repeated over and over again, and the only variable in the equation is really the genetic quality of the plant itself. Because the nutrient intake, the light, the humidity, and the temperature are all scientifically and technologically controlled, growers can determine for themselves what works best and develop a system that delivers great quality - every time, all the time. Unlike the outdoor farmer (who relies on the favours of the seasons), the indoor hydroponics grower can expect true consistency.

  1. It's so relaxing!

It's a relaxing hobby - it truly is. Nothing gives more satisfaction than seeing your own plants grow and deliver profitable yields, knowing that everything is going according to plan. It has been proven time and time again that just ten minutes among the plants a day has beneficial effects on the grower: it reduces stress, energises, and gives the grower a great sense of accomplishment.

Hydroponics may very well be the wave of the future-not just because it's easy and convenient, but simply because it's so practical and effective. For more information about hydroponics and growing great vegetables or herbs indoors, visit Chesterfield Hydroponics Centre.

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