How to Create the Perfect Ambience in Your Study Room

Everyone has their own little space in their house. It is the place where you unwind and can have your peace of mind and most often than not this place is our study. It is one of the places where we have to be our productive best and a lot of that depends upon the ambiance of the room. In turn, the ambiance of a room is dependent on the interiors of the room and these must be chosen carefully to give you the space that you desire. Your study is not only your workstation, but you spend a good part of your day in it. It is only natural for you to want to make it with utmost precision.

There would be days when you would have no motivation to do any work and your study should be able to inspire a different feeling in you. There would be days when you are highly energetic and full of vigor and your study must have space and aura to contain that enthusiasm. It might also be used by your kids who need to have a different setting. It might also be used by you to hold some intimate and formal meetings. To conclude, there is a wide range of purposes for which your study is used and the interior of the same should be varied enough to accommodate all of it. It is one of the most significant rooms of personal use and should be done up with detailed care.

We understand the importance of organizing a study room and how difficult and overwhelming it can be. There are so many decisions to be made. That is why we have laid down some ideas and tips for you to follow. You will have to customize it according to your own needs, but this will give you a broad overview of where and how to begin.

1. Go minimalistic – The biggest mistake you can make while decorating your study is of overcrowding it. If you overburden your room with a lot of furniture and decoration, it will be suffocating, and you will end up not wanting to spend a lot of time in the room. There are many ways to implement minimalism and we can discuss a few of them:

The furniture that you use in the room should not have intricate patterns or styles. Go for as neat lines and edges as you can. This will give a neater and more organized finish to your room.

Do not use contrasting colors for your furniture. If you have settled for a particular color, stick to it with all your furniture. If you want to add color to your room, do it by using wallpapers, window coverings and carpets.

Do not use very high measuring furniture. All your cupboards and tables should not be above the average height. You should try spreading horizontally in the room and not vertically. This will give you a clearer and more spaced out view and make your room look far more organized.

Buy closed cupboards and desks. This way you can keep your documents and books out of view and not make your study look like it is crumbling under a large pile of unorganized papers. Buying furniture that is closed will also minimize the appearance of the study.

Don’t accessorize your room too much. Only things that are needed in the study should be kept there. A few small decorative pieces or a single painting is also a good idea but crowding it with the same will make you lose the ambiance of the room.

2. Choose your colors wisely – As we mentioned, it is a good idea to maintain the same color for all your furniture. It is obvious that this same color will dominate your room. Make sure that you choose this color wisely. A lot of it depends upon your personality too. If you are someone who likes to maintain a certain kind of distance from your work and see yourself being productive in more professional settings, go for colder tones such as shades of blue, grey and steel. If you are someone who likes to be intimately involved in your work and see it as a very personal exercise, it is a good idea to go with warmer shades such as red and brown. The latter type of people can choose to go with wooden and earthen tones too. It would also be a good idea to add some color to your study to maintain zeal and good spirit. Instead of experimenting with your furniture that can go horribly wrong, you can add a funky carpet or window coverings in a solid primary color to give the pop that you need.

3. Make good use of the outdoors – It is very important that your study has a good and close connection with the outdoors and the best way to ensure that is by letting in natural light. You can use shades that are most compatible with natural light such as solar window shades. This will bring in a kind of positivity to the room and will increase your productivity. Working in a well-lit room is also good for your health and for your eyes. A dingy and darkroom bring down energy and creativity. Another way of establishing a good bond with the outdoors is by putting in plants and greens in your office. There are a variety of houseplants that do not require much care and they add to the appearance of it.

4. Create a good seating arrangement – A study has to be aimed at comfort and you will mostly be spending your time sitting down. It is a good idea to make an investment in a good chair. Select one that aligns well with the table and does not allow you to bend. This can cause long-lasting back and neck problems otherwise. However, the appearance of the chair also matters. If you will be holding meetings in your study, it is a good idea to find a chair that looms over the table so as to keep you in a more commanding position. You should also get a few smaller but equally comfortable chairs to keep on the other side of the desk. If it is an independent study, you don’t have to think much about more options but if there are more than one person using it, here are a few other options. You can get a side panel that runs along the wall and install a few stools for the kids to use. A large lounging chair in the side or even a rocking one can be a good option for leisure reading or something casual. Just don’t crowd the room with chairs it is a personal room and keeps it according to the number of people who will be accessing it. Spares don’t matter here.

5. A few things that you should put up – So far, we have discussed how to keep the study minimal and uncluttered but there are a few musts that you should have in mind while decorating your study. You should definitely have a bookshelf that should be regularly regulated according to your reading temperament You can also put up your degrees, awards and other such achievements to instill a sense of worthiness in your room. It will not only give you a personal motivation but also create a good image in front of those who visit. However, filter through what you put up and keep it relevant and subtle. Smaller frames and placing them over a not-so-obvious wall are some of the tactics you can employ. Personalizing your desk like you do in your office is also a good idea.

Decorating your study is a difficult task as you have to strike a good balance between personal and professional, comfortable and sharp at the same time. With the rise in freelancing jobs and work from home culture, many people are finding the need to develop their personal study. You spend a good part of your day there and it is impertinent that it reflects a certain personality. We hope this gave you some idea of how to begin. Afterward, it is a journey on your own.

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