Ways to Remove Skunks from Your House

skunksAre skunks creating nuisance in your house? Though skunks are harmless creatures, you must not allow them to come close to you. Otherwise you may have the risk to get a dose of obnoxious smell, or you may be bitten by them and suffer from rabies disease. These creatures are omnivorous that live on wastes of human beings and these animals are also found in your courtyard or even inside your kitchen bin. Here are a few tips that you follow to remove these creatures from your house and make your life easier.

Remove all kinds of food resources

You must remove berries, nuts and other kinds of food sources. Since skunks are scavengers they can eat anything that they find on their way. Remove the grass clippings since they often contain seeds or other food sources that appeal to these wild animals. Make sure that delicious fruits or green vegetables inside your garden should be protected. You should not allow the skunks to feast on them by all possible means. Plus, you must use trays under bird feeder in order to gather as well as clean the seeds dropped by these birds. Otherwise, the skunks may enter your house to eat these seeds and create mess everywhere.

Keep your garbage cans properly

Just like other wild creatures, these skunks may survive on garbage. It is essential that you keep the trash cans sealed. At times, normal garbage cans would not do. In order to defend your house against these scavengers, you may buy garbage cans with locking system at cost effective rates from your local store. If possible, you can store trash bins inside a shed or in your house garage during night time so that smell of these foodstuffs do not attract skunks. Some people also use enclosed bin since these skunks love to consume vegetable peels, eggshells, old fruits and other food items.

Close hiding places for skunks

These wild creatures build their homes under decks, holes, porches or in sheltered areas. The best option is to close these spaces and prevent their entry inside your house. For example, log piles or lumber piles can serve as safe shelters for skunks. Huge bushes also serve as perfect shelters for these animals. If you watch any skunk hanging out inside bush or low vegetation, you should immediately trim the branches so that they do not appeal to these creatures.

Install special lights inside your yard

It is important to note that skunks are nocturnal creatures and they usually shy away from dazzling lights. Therefore, you can light up your yard during night to keep these creatures away. Another option is to install motion sensor that is tripped when these wild animals come close. Whenever skunks enter your property, these special lights act as deterrent.

Use harmless chemicals

There are few harmless chemicals that you can use to get rid of skunks. If you put them around edges of yard you should start avoiding these areas. For example, dog or foxes are natural predators and you can use fox or dog urine to deter these creatures. If you wish you can also buy dog or fox urine from hardware stores. Spray it around your yard and keep it safe from spunks.

Build an effective trap

Most Florence SC skunks removal service providers use traps for skunks. Special spring-loaded traps allure these animals with bait to come inside. Once they skunks fall inside these traps you can immediately close door behind them so that they cannot escape. Then the animal is carried away from house to set it free in woods or inside an open area. While releasing these creatures, you must wear heavy clothes or gloves. Make sure that you always keep your face away from door where a skunk can use to exit the trap.

Learn about these valuable tips and prevent your creature from entering your house. Get rid of these creatures and lead a trouble-free life.


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