Throwing Your Dream Wedding: Unique Ideas for the Perfect Day

Throwing your dream wedding is a rite of passage that every bride or groom gets to experience. For the perfect day, it is important that you put your own personal stamp on proceedings and entertainment. This guide has a few different ideas that are a little different from the traditional wedding agenda to browse through as a source of inspiration.

Get Organized with Tech

Of course, organization is key but what could you do to personalize this part of the wedding process? The good news is, there are a million and one options. You can pick from a dedicated website, a mass group chat, and everything in between, including handy wedding apps to keep your guests updated. Thanks to technology, everything is easier than ever and it should absolutely be embraced as the way forward.

Quirky Wedding Breakfasts

Sitting down for a three course, traditional wedding breakfast is not for everyone. If you are one of those couples who like to do things a little less formally, then you have come to the right place. For a quirkier style wedding breakfast, why not think about setting up a BBQ station? Other ideas include picnic blankets complete with a basket of goodies, an all-around-the-world buffet, or an array of street food tables.

Outside the Box Evening Food

The wedding breakfast is undeniably an important event, but what about later on in the evening? When the party is in full swing, your guests are going to feel hungry. This could be a mixture of dancing, alcohol, and general frivolity, but as hosts, it’s your job to provide an evening food option too. For an outside the box wedding catering choice, ice cream trucks are the latest craze that everyone is jumping on board with.

Photo Booth Theme Inspiration

Everyone loves taking selfies at weddings, and it is definitely a part of what makes the day memorable. So, why not take it to the next level and provide guests with a themed photo booth area so that they can all get really creative? You could include a printout camera so they can keep the polaroids as a memento from the wedding day too.

Karaoke O’Clock

If you fancy yourself as a musical prodigee, or you just love singing your heart out surrounded by everyone you love then karaoke is a fantastic avenue to explore. It is guaranteed to be extremely entertaining, and it is a way to encourage all of your friends and family to be involved in the evening’s festivities.

Couples Cocktails

You are the main event, so it makes sense that if you were to have a cocktail option, you put your mark on this as well. Couples inspired cocktails can have fun names that are a play on something symbolic of your relationship. They could be plain and simple and just use your first name, or take it up a notch by referencing a special place or even the wedding venue. You can keep all of your favorite flavors and your guests will adore the whole vibe.

Throwback Disco

It is only natural to want your top hits playlist shining bright on such a special evening. This party is one you want to remember forever, so you have to be in control of the music! The DJ will work closely with you to figure out which songs you can’t go without, and create a special playlist based on this guidance. You can get everyone on the dancefloor with a throwback disco theme, and it will be a great way to inspire even the shyest two left footers to get up and bust some moves.

Camp Outs

The last unique idea that is gaining traction in terms of popularity and is absolutely perfect for a summer wedding is hosting a camp out event. This way, the party never has to end and you can gaze up at the stars with all of your loved ones as the perfect conclusion to the best day of your life. The added bonus here is that you will all wake up in the same place and get to enjoy the first morning meal as a married couple with all the people you care about the most!

Weddings are a special moment in time when people come together to celebrate love and have fun. Your day will be whatever you want it to be.

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