The Best Way To Transition Your Baby From A Crib To A Bed

Every parent of a baby has to answer the question of when to transition their baby from a crib to a bed. There are a lot of factors that go into this decision. For example, you might not want to transition them until they are more cooperative sleepers. You might want to wait until they are older so they are more likely to stay in bed.

No matter what your reasoning is, this article will give you some helpful tips to make this transition go smoothly.

The Best Way To Transition Your Baby From A Crib To A Bed 2021

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is common in below 1-year-old babies. And one of the reasons is co-sleeping with parents. Your first step is to learn how to transition baby to crib or bassinet to lower the risk of SIDS, but babies will turn into a toddler and then into a kid. They won’t stay in a crib forever.

Transitioning from crib to bed is a milestone for children, but some parents fear putting their toddlers to bed. There are many questions about when is the right time to let your children use beds, if it is safe for their age to be on a bed, and can they adapt to the changes.

There is no rule on when is the right time to transition your baby from crib to bed. But there are factors you should consider before transitioning.

It depends on the parents which way is best, but we have a list to guide you in transitioning your child from crib to bed.

What to consider when transitioning your baby

After knowing how to transition a baby to crib, your next step is to transition a baby from crib to bed. Before deciding that it’s time to let your child sleep on a bed, consider these things so you would see if your child is qualified for the big move. And this move is a big step to your child’s growth. Here are some factors in deciding when is the right to transition your baby.

1. Sleeping habits

You must consider if your child can sleep independently without being held, rocked, or fed. Also, assess their ability to stay asleep or sleep again after waking up in the middle of the night.

2. Age

There is no exact age for transitioning, but your toddler should be at an age where they are physically and mentally ready. They should already have the ability to understand that they need to stay in bed.

3. Weight

When your child becomes heavy for a crib, it’s time to consider moving your child to a bed. Babies grow faster and aside from getting heavy they also get taller so they may get heavier and taller for their crib.

4. The transition itself

In a child’s development, there are few transitions they need to do. The earliest transition is how to transition a baby to crib because of the risk of danger in co-sleeping with parents. Performing multiple transitions at the same time can overwhelm a child, so let them do one transition at a time. It’s also important to do the transition at your child’s pace. They are going to be attached to their crib like it’s their safe haven. Do not rush your child. It might take time but let your child be used to a new routine day by day.

● Preparing the bed

Finding the right bed is easy as long as you know the criteria for choosing the right one for your child. You can let your child choose the bed so they will be aware that the bed is theirs and it will encourage them to sleep on the bed. Preparing the bed is also preparing the environment. Toddlers will find freedom when they are in bed already so it’s better to childproof their bedroom first before transitioning.

5. Shopping for a bed

There are cribs that can be converted into beds. But if you want to buy a new and bigger one, choose a bed that your child can’t resist, like a bed that looks like their favourite toy or character. And it’s a good idea to shop for the bed with your toddler and let them choose the bed, the bedsheets, and the pillows. You also need to consider the quality of the bed that can withstand a child’s strength, especially if your child loves to jump and play on it.

Bonus Tip

Move a bed into their room while they are still using their crib to make them familiar with the setup. Use the bed first for snuggling while reading books or while playing with them until they get familiar with the bed before starting the transition from crib to bed.


Every child transitions differently. Do not be pressured by other mothers. If you see that another child that is the same age as your child is already using a bed, you get pressured to let your child do the same thing. Assess your child first and slowly do the transition when they are ready.

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