The Benefits Of Babywearing

One of the most exciting times in life is the arrival of a new baby. Parents often say that it is the best thing they have ever done even though it can often be exhausting and stressful. Every little thing that you can do as a parent to not only make your life a bit more simple, but to make your child’s life easy and comfortable, counts.

Babywearing has been around as long as there have been humans. Men and women have long been using different techniques to keep baby close while moving around. Not only does it keep your baby safe and secure, but it has been proven to provide comfort and nurturing for young babies.

Although there are hundreds of stroller and carrier options available, the simple child carrier provides benefits that some parents may have overlooked. While other methods may flaunt their convenience, no one wants to be the one that has to lug the stroller out of the car and set it up.

Comfort & Bonding

Infants are much calmer when they are being held. Being close to a parent and being able to feel their warmth and hear their heartbeat is a natural way to keep your child in a calmer place. With a baby carrier, dads can get in on the essential bonding time as well.

Baby carriers are designed to support a child’s neck and back while keeping them in a comfortable upright position. Studies have shown that babywearing can eliminate the risks associated with SIDS and Flat Head Syndrome.

Your child will always feel more secure when they are close to you physically. The close proximity aids to foster the closeness and intimacy of your relationship with your child.

Breastfeeding is a Breeze

When you are babywearing using a sling or carrier, the task of breastfeeding is very simple. The child is already in a good feeding position so there is no need to take them out of a seat or stroller.

Use a feeding blanket if you feel the need for some privacy, but you will find the convenience of being able to easily feed almost anywhere a great benefit.

Hands-Free Mobility

Every parent will tell you that they could use an extra set of hands to keep baby close. The amount of equipment that often comes with having a baby can be overwhelming. Guiding a bulky stroller or lugging around a baby seat doesn’t make your life any easier.

With a baby carrier you can enjoy any activity with more freedom while being able to transport your baby with you. Be able to assist your other children easily when they need your help or attention, do a little shopping or sail through a store checkout with your hands free.


You may not think of your child in terms of eco-friendliness, but their small impact can still make a difference. Strollers and chairs are most often made using high fossil fuel content resources. That’s not to mention the packaging and shipping resources required.

Find a good carrier or sling that is made from simple quality fabrics that can be washed and used with little wear. You may find that they last through multiple children using them as well.


Studies show that babywearing can be very beneficial to the physical and mental development of your child. The upright sitting position helps them to work on their core strength and balance. With your child right at face level, they will start to learn about language skills much quicker.

Having a bird’s-eye view of the world can make a real impact on your child. In a stroller their view may be limited to what is above them or passing them by. With babywearing, your child will experience the world the same way that you see it.

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