Preserve Your Digital Memories with a Printed Photo Book

photo-albumThanks to digital photography, we know have the power to capture the world around us at our fingertips. Personalised high quality printed Photo Books are a way of creating an attractive long lasting permanent archive-without breaking the bank.

The Trouble with Digital

Technology has revolutionised photography. It has enabled ordinary consumers to create high quality professional images at will and with very little cost. That means that many of us have piles of photos stored on our digital devices or computers. Whilst this freedom may seem like a good thing, you only have to experience a hard drive or device failure once to see the major flaw in the digital system. Even backed up to secure digital media such as DVD or memory stick files can get corrupt, disks can get scratched and technology can malfunction.

Digital photos are much easier to take, but just as easily erased. You can create printed archive photographs at home but the results are variable. Unless the highest quality ink and paper are used they will not last as long as a traditional photograph.

p3Photo Sharing

Social media has changed the way we communicate. With many devices being web enabled, we have the ability to publish and share photographs instantly as events happen to us. Photo sharing is so easy; millions of us do it every day. However, there is a hidden barrier. If you want to share your images with others they have to have the necessary technology such as computer, phone or tablet, which could exclude some people, like older relatives. With older film based photography each printed photograph had with a negative, so you had two physical backups of each image which could be archived for decades. If a photograph was lost or damaged you could simply use the negative to reprint.

If you wanted people to see your photographs you just showed them and it didn’t cost them anything as they didn’t need any special technology to view it. Personalised photo albums or Photo Books solve this problem.

The Best of Both Worlds

Personalised Photo Books are an ideal solution; enabling you to have all of the benefits of digital technology in combination with high quality printed permanent archive of your treasured memories or events. Using a web based client the user can create an archive of their digital images which can then be compiled to create a high quality printed and bound book. There is no need for costly investment in expensive printers and ink. The user has complete control over the materials used. You can choose from a range different publishing options including:

  • Binding with hard or soft covers
  • Gloss or matt paper in a range of weights
  • A range of book sizes including large bookshelf books or tiny pocket books
  • Templates and backgrounds which enable you to create a custom theme for your book
  • Large hard-cover bookshelf books are great for archiving wedding photographs, christenings or special events. Pocket book style publications are perfect for sending to loved ones and family.

Monica Haubert is a professional events photographer and has been in this business for some years. She writes for several blogs and web based publications. As a specialist in professional events photography, Monica believes that customers can trust Photoworld to archive their treasured memories.

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