Is there a Best Age to Get Pregnant?

When we decide on a lot of things in our life, age plays a major role. Be it education, graduation, job, passion, marriage and a lot more we always what it to happen at the right age. So what is the right age here? It is the socially accepted point of our life during which certain things should happen. These are social norms and nothing to do with us. We all have our own clocks and we live relative to that. But certain things cannot be postponed due to the effective time brings in our body. One of them is the fertile period– your fertile window during which natural and normal pregnancy is possible.

We are using the word “natural and normal” here just to denote the difference. Pregnancy is a function of the female reproductive system when a healthy sperm enters the uterus to meet the ovum which in turn forms the embryo – which over a period develops to form a baby. In simple words, this is the pregnancy cycle. So the health of the female reproductive system is very important here. It is responsible for the conception, carry a healthy baby and the delivery. Hence age plays an important role in determining the health of the organs associated with the female reproductive system.

As we get older, the general tendency of the human body is to get weak. Our bones start to get worn out and because of this most of the women above 40 years of age face some sort of joint pain. The fallopian tubes generally get blocked as we age and thus preventing the sperm meets the ovum. It blocks the passage. This prevents natural pregnancy and most of the couple who are trying for babies in their late 30s often opt for IVF due to the absence of natural pregnancy. When I visited a fertility clinic in Bangalore, the thought of fertility or IVF treatment was very common. No one really thinks of the fact that IVF is artificial. IVF treatments, rather than be functional have become more aesthetic now.

The most important things about age and pregnancy are that the complications that happen during pregnancy and delivery are greatly reduced when you are in your younger. As age increases, the chances of a complicated pregnancy also increases. Most of the women, in their late 30s, will not able to conceive due to the weakened uterus. This can even happen while trying for second pregnancy. Another big problem which most of the women face is weight gain. Weight management becomes difficult as we grow older. Work pressure and habits contribute a lot to our weight gain problem. Being obese and trying to conceive is always a mammoth task. Being over-weight reduces our fertility and makes us infertility. Hence it is very important to keep our weight in check.

Another big concern for women in their mid-30s who are trying to conceive is career and pregnancy. This is the time when they are at the peak of their career and pregnancy and the associated complications make them take a long break from their career. In today world’s world, where most of the women give more preference to career over marriage and pregnancy, the ideas of how an ideal pregnancy should be have changed.

Getting back to the question we had earlier put forth about the ideal age for getting pregnant. There is no ideal age as such, but late pregnancies increase the complications and early pregnancies turn out to the pain as we will not have the necessary physical strength to go through a labour. A woman’s body is ideally made to undergo pregnancy, we have the strength to carry a baby. So there is nothing to worry about your strengths at any point during the pregnancy journey. Emotional support is very important at any age of our pregnancy. A good support from family, both emotionally and financial will lead to a happy and healthy pregnancy. We are talking about financial support here, as most of the pregnancy nowadays are complicated ones and which require better treatment that is going to cost us. Also, the welfare of the family depends on the financial success.

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