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Family Responsibilities: Help Your Parents Live Comfortably in Old Age

helping parentsSometimes your parents can be over concerned with your life and future that they forget about their own. If you care about their wellbeing and future, talk to them a bit about their plans about life after they retire. It is never too soon to mention a subject like this. Even if you probably live separately, they are still your parents, keep that in your mind always.

Financial planning

People have different needs in life, so try to get your parents to be open when talking about this sensitive subject. Ask them what they want and need from their retirement, and are they even thinking about this. This might be the most important subject that should pop up sooner or later. Even if they have been saving and carefully spending their money, they might end up in debt in these years due to mortgages and other bank loans.

Encourage them to live a healthy life

Their health is going to be more and more fragile with age, as with any person, so you must talk to them about a little change in their life. It would be enough if they could start eating healthier and also start some physical activity. Eating healthy can change the quality and length of your life. Three meals a day full of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibers is just what they need. Suggest that they should avoid fast food and soul food, but instead include a lot of vegetable, fruit and water in their diet.

Physical activity of any kind is crucial for the health of the elderly. Half an hour a day in a park will keep their muscles strong and being exposed to the sunrays will help their bodies produce more vitamin D-which is great for the brittleness of the bones that comes with ageing. There are many fun and easy exercise programs and sports that they could practice at least three times a week. With all that free time at their disposal, they should at least commit themselves to living a healthy life.

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Talk with them about their health and possible treatments

There are many health changes that will occur after the age of fifty, so your parents probably need to go through a complete checkup at a clinic or hospital. Being aware of one's medical condition is always an advantage in life, as some severe diseases can be cured successfully if the doctors discover them at an early stage. If they are in need of some medication, you better convince them to go to the doctors as soon as possible.

Is their home appropriate for their age and needs?

Big houses and apartments can be quite a dangerous place for living. With age, people will move harder and harder, and they might even not be able to take care of themselves. The only problem is that they are often too stubborn and proud to admit it. The answer is in conversation! Talk to them and suggest that they should move to a retirement community where they offer senior services and good care for the elderly. They look at these facilities as a prison or an asylum, but some of them are offering far better life than an average young man is living.

Change of residence

Your elderly parents might be sick and tired of all the hustle and bustle of city life. Suggest and find some happiness for them in some more rural areas, which are going to be more beneficial to their age than any urban city. Fresh air, less noise, healthy organic food and staying in nature all the time is going to change the quality of their life. There will be no technology to drain their energy and such a life can help your parents renew their relationship and care more about each other. Such small, rural places influence our body and mind in the best possible way-so think about it.

senior care

What if they don't want your help?

This is why you should start talking to them about these subjects early on. Don't wait until it is too late-it is not a rare thing that the elderly refuse any help. Some of these things need preparation, and it is for the best if you decide to mentally prepare your parents for the times that will inevitably come. If they are not willing to cooperate, don't worry, as that tends to change over the time. If you have any siblings they can make this an easier task by also participating in this, contact them as soon as possible.

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