How Dating Apps Like Tinder Are Changing the Way We Date

fetgrtweOnce upon a time, we would have to go to bars to meet new people or we’d rely on other people setting us up with their friends. The dating world has changed considerably over the years and we’ve now moved into a world with dating apps. Just how much has changed in the way we date because of these apps?

No Need to Feel Like Settling

Before there was a case of dating those you came across in life. Unless you went to university or moved to a large city, it was often hard to meet people outside of your own social circle. And if you did, it could have been frowned upon.

Dating apps have made it possible to connect with people in different places and from different backgrounds. There’s the ability to get to know people from the other side of the world. Combining cultures is now an option, which brings its own revolutionary way of dating.

Match Based on Interests

When in a nightclub, you’ll try talking to someone you find attractive. You won’t necessary have the same interests, making a long term relationship a little harder. It takes time to get to know a person and decide whether they’re the right one for your life.

Dating apps make the research part easier. You can get to know someone through their profile, their interests, and their photos. You find out where they’ve been, what they do, and get rid of all the usual small questions that start off a bigger conversation.

On top of that, you can get profile recommendations sent to you with the best dating apps for relationships. The algorithms on the apps match people based on their interests and wants in another partner. You take out a lot of the guessing game, closing in on the perfect match sooner.


Learning to Read Between the Lines

The majority of dating on an app is done through text message or email. Sure, you have photos to get to know the look of someone, but you lose a lot of the emotion and meaning from a text message. GIFs and emojis have made that a little easier, but the apps have changed the way the dopamine is sent through the system when chatting.

When talking normally, the lilt in a voice or emphasis on words will sent certain hormones circling around the body. These hormones help to build the connection between two people. The apps don’t have that. You have to get used to reading between the lines and figuring out the true meanings behind a statement.

The Ability to Date from the Home

Dating apps can go anywhere and everywhere with you. It’s possible to start and continue a conversation from absolutely anywhere. Need to respond to a message before work? Do it on your commute. Want to feel comfortable while getting to know someone? You can do it all from home.

There’s no longer this need to get dressed up and look fancy for a date. While the relationships can change to this stage that only happens when you feel comfortable with the person you’re talking to. Meeting for coffee is no longer the initial meeting, but the follow-up to see if this is really someone you can see spending your life with.

Dating apps have completely change the way we search for a partner in life. We can do it all from the comfort of our own home, before deciding whether to get a babysitter or get dressed up to meet the person. It’s possible to learn far more than ever before.

Interesting Stats

In the infographic below we share some interesting Tinder stats.


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