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Dress Your Body to Undress Your Imagination!

role_playThe earth without art is just „meh". That is why everything we do in our life requires a bit of art. People express their creativity all the time through all sorts of small jobs they do. For example, a simple bricklayer has something implanted inside of him that he will put bricks in a certain manner, making that wall his own masterpiece, however ordinary it looked to the untrained eye. Therefore, everything you do in your life should be made interesting by nobody else but yourself. Another example was a friend of mine who was literally cleaning toilets in McDonald’s. I walked up to him once he was doing his job, and guess what? He was rapping all the way, throwing rhymes just like Eminem. That friend of mine has an album right now and he is a locally known musician, and he never complained about his job, it was interesting to himself, and that is why he succeeded. Now you may wonder, what this has to do with everything? Well, let me get down to business.

You see, the most important things in life where imagination and creativity are needed are the one which are concerned with creation. So, people can make music, pictures, paintings, movies, comic books and the most important thing of all is making love. Love is the oldest art form known to mankind and it requires a lot of creativity. You might ask yourself now what should you do to make your sex life more interesting than it is right now (if it exists at all). Well, first of all you should avoid using those cliches such as candles all over the room or playing Marvin Gaye whole night long. Those are interesting several times, and then it becomes extremely boring and annoying. Both of you want to try something different or something innovative, but you are out of ideas. What should you do? Well, here is a simple suggestion - be somebody else.

Role Play as foreplay

There are literally thousands of costumes made which will help your dreams come true. My friend’s ex girlfriend was a cop. She used to wear a uniform during foreplay, pretending that she will arrest him for not obeying the rules. It was usually him forgetting to wash the dishes or throw out the garbage. Once he was imprisoned in bed, then the game was really on. This is one of the million possible scenarios and I do not have to tell you stories about it. Use your imagination and creativity and add some extra spice to your sex life. Costumes can really help you with that. They are designed in such way to make the female body look more beautiful and sexy by emphasizing those parts of a woman which men subconsciously find attractive. The best thing of all, women find themselves attractive when wearing these costumes. And, as I mentioned earlier, there is nothing more appealing and sexy to a man than a woman who feels good about herself and the way she looks. My personal favorite is the costume of a gangster girl. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been into Gangster movies and the Godfather is like a bible to me. Gangster costumes of course, involve a fedora hat as worn in the twenties, a short skirt that is open on the side where a pistol (plastic of course) is strapped to a leg. There is one inevitable detail that almost all the gangsters have - „the world is mine" attitude. Sadly, this you cannot buy, but you can practice your foreplay and make it perfect in every way - spontaneous, sexy and, above all, interesting. The best foreplay is the one that both partners enjoy, and with enough practice - joy is inevitable.

There is a lot of beauty in this world, you only have to seize the right opportunity and take it. But beauty is better when you add something of your own to it and make it more beautiful. Human bodies are the best creation in the world and that is why we clothe in certain manner - to add our sense of beauty. Even before the act of ultimate creation should we clothe ourselves in order to unclothe our deepest passions and desires.

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