Dating Tips for Men who Date Career-driven, Independent Women

Dating itself is a tricky business and when it comes to dating a career-oriented independent woman, it comes with its own challenges and perks. She is not one of those who will chat with you whole do or wait for you to return her calls She is the one who knows her worth and will not invest her time on someone she thinks is serious enough in life. A perfect blend of tradition and modern values, a perfect combination of head and heart knows that she has the capability to make you fall head over heels. But it will take you to be a man to smitten her and you can do that with these pointers:

  • Get your act together: The golden rule of dating an independent and strong minded woman is express but not impress. She has a mind and can judge when a guy is simply flaunting himself and actually telling about himself. So introduce yourself and articulate your conversation in a way that it feels like a healthy discussion where both are interacting. Don’t be a talker all the time and try to actually listen to her.
  • A man of action over the man of words: Women love men whose actions complement their words. But often men tend to talk way too much and their actions or behavior do not match their words. So it’s wise to be a man of few words and let your actions do the talking. Men whose actions speak are perceived responsible and dependable exactly what a strong-minded woman needs in her man.
  • Pamper her on special days:Birthdays, anniversaries and promotions are the days where she needs your respect and support. You can shower her with thoughtful gifts or a surprise trip by using somecoupons and offersif you are looking to save some money and celebrate her special day. It will make her feel cherished and empowered at the same time.
  • Basic etiquettes go a long way: Etiquettes go a long way in personal and professional life; in fact, it defines a man’s personality. A woman observes how a man interacts and behaves around her, in public and with his friends. This gives her an insight into his nature and character also helps her decide whether she sees a future in him or not. So pulling a chair while on a dinner date or being kind to children or punctual are basic things that a man needs to follow.
  • Don’t be cheesy and needy: Remember a career-oriented woman has her own job or business and limited time. So if you are planning to be cheesy then smear cheese on your toast but not her face. She has no time for cheesy texts but a caring attitude will go a long way. She will love a busy man with his priorities set taking out time to drop a text or meet after office but a man texting all day is not what she needs.
  • Have a Goal in mind: A career driven independent women is someone who has a goal in her life and wants to live a meaningful life. She is not a settler and will never settle for someone who is not serious in his life or is aimless. Neither is she interested in wasting time being in a relationship with no future. So, if you want to be with a woman who is smart and ambitious, then it is time to set your priorities right and think why you want to be in a date her. Ask yourself are you ready to be challenged? Are you ready to commit? If not, then she is not your cup of tea.
  • Open Communication is a mark of strength: Women love to have healthy and open communications. They long for men who can actually speak their heart out and resolve issues in a healthy manner by communicating with them. So, when you are dating a woman with a strong voice and mind, communicate and discuss things with her, it will help to connect with her deeply and earn her respect.

Lastly, women are mysterious and majestic creatures, who love to be in a relationship where they feel secure and safe. Strong career-oriented women with an overly articulated corporate life would want to come home and would want to feel home in your company. She is not in for a rebound or fling or nightstands. She is a focussed woman with goals in her life, so a man with the vision of future will always be her first choice over a philanderer.

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