6 Factors that Can Turn a Loving Relationship Sour

Love is a funny thing. One day your relationship might make you feel wonderful and carefree, and the next sick to your stomach with jealousy, anger, or sadness. New relationships, in particular, can turn on a dime and fluctuate wildly for a number of reasons. The question then becomes: how to build a relationship that can withstand the test of time (as well as mood swings)? If that issue has been weighing on your mind, then consider these six circumstances that can wreck even the most promising romances. Educating yourself now could save you plenty of headaches down the line:


A burgeoning relationship is a fragile thing and can fall apart quickly if too much strain is placed on it. Inundating your partner with texts and calls, taking long trips together, or even moving in with one another are all actions fraught with potential trouble. Keep in mind that spending time away from each other will give you time to think about your relationship with proper perspective.

Lack of Trust

Alternatively, if you feel you can’t trust your current partner it’s a huge warning sign that your romance is in dire straits. Sure, lack of trust might stem from infidelity, but then again it might not. Building trust is about more than simply remaining monogamous; rather, you should be able to count on your girlfriend or boyfriend to come through for you during difficult times. Constant let-down will eventually lead to a breakup.

Trouble in the Bedroom

There’s much more to a long-standing relationship than physical intimacy. However, that’s not to say sex isn’t important. Indeed, happy couples tend to enjoy great chemistry in the bedroom. Furthermore, issues in your sex life could be indicative of deeper emotional concerns or anxieties. Or, it may be a purely physical matter. Issues like erectile dysfunction or venereal diseases might be difficult for new lovers to discuss, but getting tested for STDs and managing your sexual wellness are important steps to building a successful partnership.


It is possible for couples to manage a long-distance relationship successfully; it just doesn’t happen very often. And of course, the farther the distance and the longer the duration apart the more difficult it will be to keep things going. Technology like cell phones, social media, and Skype have made it easier for people to interact from remote locations. Still though, there’s no substitute for spending time together.

Major Lifestyle Differences

Have you ever hit it off with someone only to discover you don’t have as much in common with them as you thought at first? Though many people place inordinate value on sharing common interests with their partners, it’s nevertheless a bad idea to get entangled with someone you don’t connect with on basic issues. Naturally, you’ll never find someone who shares your views on every subject –– but if you want to start a family and your partner would rather plan a month-long trip to Las Vegas –– then you’ve got some issues to sort out.

Communication Breakdowns

It’s no surprise that happy couples communicate effectively. It’s critical to establish open lines of communication early on in a relationship, otherwise you could create an atmosphere conducive to misdirection and deceit. Remember that everyone has skeletons in their closet, and it’s always better to be open and honest about your past and what you want from your current relationship.


No two relationships are the same, and as such, it would be disingenuous to suggest these situations are hard and fast and apply to all people. On the other hand, trying to create a meaningful relationship without addressing the above issues is more than just an uphill battle –– it’s next to impossible. Keep in mind that trying to force a romance usually isn’t worth it. And though it may be tough, there’s no shame in making a clean break and starting over.

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