Dating a Girl: Things to Say on a First Date

First dates are very important. They’re important because if you want to get to know a girl, if you are curious whether or not you should continue dating this girl, that’s what a first date is all about – to get to know her, for her to get to know you, then you can figure out: is this person cool enough to see again?

In this article, we are going to talk about the actual things you can say on a first date. But, before we get into that, we want you to understand what you should be looking for on the first date. We’ll be giving you things that you should say, but you should also be listening to her and figuring out what is it about her that you like and figuring out if this is a girl you are interested in.

Is she good enough for you? The best way to do that is one word. That word is “values”. As much as we’ve learned about our own relationships and studied relationships and read books on relationships, one thing comes up over and over again. It’s the idea of values. You two need to share the same values. If you don’t share the same values with a girl and she doesn’t share the same values with you, the relationship or the potential relationship that you might get in is probably to be doomed. You need to make sure that you both have the same set of values.

What are some examples of these values? A few examples might be learning, responsibility, balance, adventure, etc. – the things that are important to you about life and how you see life. That’s what is going to be one of the biggest things in terms of understanding if this girl is on the same level as you. We want you to make sure that when you’re talking to a girl and you’re getting to know her, you’re asking her questions, and she’s telling you stories and she’s telling you about herself, then you are looking for some of these similar values.

We would suggest a bit of a homework assignment. Write down a list of your 5 most important values. To find those, it’s very simple. Google “list of values” and you’ll get a whole list. You can figure out what’s important to you. Find out what that is because then you’ll make sure that this is a girl worth seeing.

The first one is “Have you ever…?” This is you getting to know her. Very simple. “Have you ever…?” Have you ever gone skydiving? Have you ever traveled to Africa? Have you ever…fill in the blank. When you’re on a date, you can ask her if she’s ever done anything. Here’s the best part about it, it doesn’t have to be something that you’ve done. It can also be something that you’re interested in finding about her.

Here’s the next one: “I have to tell you about this one time.” Here’s your opportunity to tell a story. To share something with her about your life, about your past and your history. Think about some cool stories, some cool parts of your life that you enjoy sharing with someone that gets you excited to talk about. When you’re excited about something, that’s going to get her excited. Think about the one time you did whatever and share it with a girl on a date.

Here’s another great one that is going to offer up some information about yourself while at the same time she reciprocates and gives you information about herself. Here’s the line: say “You know what I love?” This is up to you again to fill in the blank. What do you love? What do you like? You can even say dislike. Something that you hate, something that you don’t enjoy. Say it to her. This is offering you a chance to be more vulnerable with a girl and getting her to know you on a deeper level. That’s what dates are all about. Getting to know each other.

Here’s another one. When you are on a good date and you’re talking to her and, going back to values, you find out that you share similar values that she is a cool sexy girl, etc. And you know what? You can say this line, “Here’s what we need to do…” And then, again fill in the blank. And this is going to be you asking her on a second date. You can seal the second date on the first date. You’re having a good time and you’re getting drinks, you’re walking around, you’re getting dinner, whatever you are doing together, towards the end of that first date you’re going to say “You know what, here’s what we need to do…” And then after that, you’re going to tell her “We need to…” hang out again, we need to go do x, y, and z. Maybe you figured out something you both like. Then you say to her “We need to do this. Here’s what we need to do.” It’s so dominant and women are attracted to that. Telling them, here’s the plan, here’s the situation, here’s what we’re doing. Just use that if the date goes well.

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