Calgary and The Psychology of Engagement Rings

frewgetEverything we do has some form of implication. There’s a reason why your parents gave you the names they did. The nickname you received in high school has a meaning, and if you never got a nickname, that too means something. Every gift you give or receive means something. And like they say, the thought is what counts. You may be approaching a defining moment in your life. Marriage is one of those events that have a point of no return. Once you cross that line, there’s no going back. Divorce doesn’t count. It is a challenging moment choosing the ideal engagement ring for your wedding. Lucky for you, in Calgary, wedding rings have been around for a while and there are various places where you can get just what you need. But there’s more to buying an engagement ring than just paying for it. You must put some thought into it. Let’s explore the thinking behind engagement rings, particularly within Calgary.

The Thinking Behind Choosing an Engagement Ring

There’s a guy who’ll go into a jewelry store and say, “I have sthg sthg dollars and I want to buy a ring.” Then the jeweler shows him something within that price range, and without a second thought, the guy will be like, “I’ll take it”. And just like that, some poor girl has been bought an engagement ring. If you were the girl receiving that ring, you’ll appreciate it because it’s the thought that counts. But if you knew how the ring was bought, you’ll instantly realize how not so precious you are to that fellow. Conversely, there are guys who’ll spend sleepless nights organizing, making calls, and doing various designs in order to give the perfect ring to their significant other. I don’t think I need to illustrate how the recipient of that ring will feel when they receive the ring, and even better when they know all the effort that was put in acquiring it. Let’s forget about the former guy and focus on the things the latter guy is likely to consider in delivering the perfect engagement ring for his lovely girl.

Why The Simple Round Cut Diamond Ring?

The second gentleman will consider what the various types of diamond ring available mean. He’ll start with looking at the meaning of a Simple Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. In Calgary, you can never miss this type of ring owing to the fact that they date way back in history. This kind of ring represents the endless love between two lovers. In fact, that’s the main meaning of an engagement ring. The fact that it’s round, and it’s impossible to determine where it starts and where it ends, is the epitome of true love between a man and a woman. Furthermore, this simple round diamond ring also shows passion and deep affection between the two lovers.

Why The Victorian Ring?

Another kind of ring the second gentleman will consider is the Victorian Ring. This kind essentially has an antique design and look. It’s the ideal symbol for dedication, sentiment, and love. Vintage designs are attractive to most people because of their uniqueness and rarity. Someone who invests in this kind of engagement ring is someone with a good taste, class, and mostly someone who’s considerate because for him to know that his lady would appreciate such kind of ring, he must first have done some research to determine what will rock her world.

Why The Princess Cut Ring?

The Princess Cut is another kind of engagement ring that the second dude is likely to come across in the course of his search for the perfect ring for his lassie. A special and limited merge between design and cut, the Princess Cut is a favorite among ladies today. Most of them find it’s unique square or rectangular diamond cut irresistible since it’s got class, and distinguishes them from other women. Women like to feel special, and if that’s how you want yours to feel, this is the ring for you.

Why The Many Stones Ring?

Normally, most rings you’ll come across or you’ve ever come across will contain one stone. But there are other designs that contain two major stones, and ultimately three major stones. Each of these designs resembles something; they are not just mere designs. For instance, the two stone diamond echoes the fact that it’s just the lovers against the world. The three stone diamond stands for the past, present, and future of the lovers. Furthermore, the extra stones make the ring more desirable and enchanting to look at. What message do you want to send to your wife to be? Or what message would you like your husband to be to send to you? You can see the kinds of options the third guy has to deal with. Which message do you think he wants to send to his lovely lady?

Why The Custom Made Ring?

Ultimately, the ring that I believe wins the heart and eternal love of its recipient is the custom made one. Nothing says uniqueness and thoughtfulness like creativity. In Calgary, there are assorted jewelers who’ll give you the opportunity to have a ring tailored particularly to your specifications and personal preferences. They give you the perfect opportunity to present your loved one with a ring that will go in history as the only one of its kind as far as design is concerned. If your budget is limited, this is the more reason to get something unique. But if your pockets are loaded, then limits only exist in your mind. The second dude got a very beautiful, three stone, custom-made ring for his darling. You should have seen it. His budget wasn’t all that, but that’s what he was able to afford. I think you get the thinking behind his selection of the ring for his engagement.

There is more to acquiring an engagement ring than just paying for it, regardless of how loaded your pockets are. The ring you chose for your lovely lady will mean the most to both of you if you put in some effort in acquiring it. Get to know your rings well before spending. If you are the lazy type, then at least don’t be lazy enough not to consult a friend or professional who’s knowledgeable about the kind of ring you would like to purchase, and request them to recommend something beautiful for you. This is a long time commitment you’re preparing for; make it worth it.

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