Are Bisexual Women More Open About Their Sexuality than Bisexual Men

couple-confusedThis is one tough question, actually. Many believe bi women are more open when it comes to accepting their sexual orientation and declaring the same to their family members and friends. This could be really so, as generally women are more comfortable in their skin than men.

With that said, there’s no study or survey done on this subject. So making a concrete statement based on facts and figures is impossible here. What is possible, however, is to make it easier for you, irrespective of whether you are a man or woman, to come out in the open.

Hiding your sexual orientation is a self-damaging behavior, and could become a cause of many mental tensions and anxieties. It could even become a cause of depression and other mental problems.

If you are a bi man or woman and wondering how can you come out of the closet and share the truth about your sexuality with your family members and friends, the following tips will help you.

  • Prepare yourself for the talk

The first thing is to prepare yourself for the frank conversation. You should know how you will start the conversation and could also prepare answers to the questions your family members or friends might ask you. You can also gather some literature on articles on bisexuality which you might think will help your loved ones better understand bisexuality.

  • Give them the time they need to digest the news

Your family might be in a state of disbelief or even denial after hearing you speak. This is perfectly natural, and instead of remonstrating them for their lack of understanding and support, you should simply retreat and give them the time they need to digest the news. Remember, they had no idea about your sexuality in the first place, and the news could come as a shock to them. Some families have wrong notions about bisexuality and might be reluctant at first to accept their child is bisexual. What matters in the long run is not your family’s initial reaction after you have shared the truth about your sexuality, but what they do after they have digested the news. In all probability, after a few talks on the subject, they would come round and see the truth for what it is. That is, bisexuality is as normal and healthy as heterosexuality.

  • Be ready to seek professional counseling

It is possible that your family might not want to let go their conservative views about bisexuality even after your best efforts. In that case, you should try to get them meet professional counselors, who using their experience and expertise might be more equipped than you to get past their mental reservations about the subject.

  • Be prepared to accept the worst

Things may not turn out as you want them and your family may not accept your sexual orientation or, worse, say hurtful things to you. This is bad and you deserve better, but remember worse things have happened to many. Take comfort in the fact that you did all you could and move on. After all, it is your life.


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