6 Tips to Live a Longer and Happier Married Life

What does it mean to live a happy married life? It depends on the couple itself. They can choose to be around for each in 10 or more years and then call it quits. What they don’t understand is what these choices will bring about for what they’ve already been, though.

If you quit right in the middle, you could be making things worse not only for yourself but for the kids as well. We understand that not every marriage can sail perfectly, but you should try to make the most of it. So to help you strengthen your married life, here’s what you should do.

  1. Keep saying thank you

“Thank you” is by far the greatest words to exchange in the history of man. The meaning behind these two simple words is to show the other how much you appreciate what they’ve done for you. Even if it is just for a simple thing like passing salt over at the dinner table, it shouldn’t matter.

Don’t just keep count of how much you’ve done for your partner, your kids and the house and how much they have done for you. You two have to show appreciation for one another and how much you have worked your way through things until now.

  1. Communicate your thoughts and feelings

What is the point of tying the knot if you can’t communicate with your partner? If you wish to make this work, then you have to start being very open to one another. Just take out 15 minutes of your time of the day for your spouse. Even if you’re loaded with work, chores, and children, you should make the time for your lover.

  1. Respect your spouse

The idea about making it last with your spouse until ‘death does you apart’ is that you have to consider each other’s feelings. When you do that, you learn to respect one another. It also means that you treat them as an equal. You both may have a different set of reasons, opinions, and likes, but you’re in this together.

It’s also about being loving and kind to your spouse, especially at times when they really need you. If you had a falling out, then just go over to them and apologize. Don’t let minor frustrations over petty things ruin your relationship.

  1. Always greet your spouse in the morning

When you get up in the morning, always greet your spouse with a warm smile. A sweet intimate kiss would go a long way. As long as you greet each other with an “I love you so much honey” or “I’m glad to be married to you”, you can count on a longer healthier relationship.

  1. Refrain from getting angry

Getting angry may very well be a sin, especially if it is towards your spouse. No matter how big or small your quarrels may be they should be resolved by the end of it. Mistakes are bound to happen between you two, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t work out ways to get around them.

You should learn to cooperate more with your partner and band together to get through any obstacle that comes in your way. It’s not too late to make up for bad times.

  1. Always be there for one another

The most important aspect of a long marriage is the level of commitment you have for one another. You may have your hands full in something and you need your spouse to come help you out. You should consider doing the same for them in return. Always be there for your loved one whenever they are in need of you.

We hope that we have done enough to help you realize the passion for your partner and how important it is to keep the spark between you always lit.


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