Best Friend of the Mother To Be: 6 Ways to Make Her Pregnancy Special

You go the extra mile for your best friend. From good times to bad times, you are always on her side. You talk about dating, careers, dreams, family, and aspirations and now there is something huge happening in her life. Your best friend is pregnant and a lot of things rush into your mind. How are you guys going to hang out? How will this change your life? But none of this should be an issue. Yes, you might get to feel a little abandoned as her priorities will shift to a more family mode – parenthood. But this development does not mean you need to be missing in action. In all honesty, this is the time she needed you most.

Your BFF is going through some rough physical changes and erratic mood swings. Apart from her spouse and family, you are probably one of her core support people. Pregnancy is a delicate and rough ride, she might not say it but she needs you now more than ever. If you want to fulfill your role as the BFF of the year, here are six amazing ways to make her feel special in her 9-month journey.

Bring Her Small Unexpected Gifts

She might not feel pretty nowadays despite the pregnancy glow and so it’s your job to pick up her spirit. Show up with something nice. It can be anything you think that can delight her, she is your friend anyways so you probably know exactly what she wants. Whether it’s a cute onesie, a sweet treat, or a new nail polish, for sure she will be delighted with a fun gift.

Show Her That You Are Thinking of Her

Whenever you see a pregnancy tip or a maternity related meme, be sure to forward it or share with your friend. Tips and tricks keep her informed and can even be beneficial to her. A meme can give her a reason to laugh and smile. This gesture will make her think that she is always on your mind and is loved.

Run Errands for Her

Moving around is difficult for a pregnant lady. There are many restrictions on the way she moves, the things she can do and the items she can carry. Offer a helping hand whenever she needs it. It could range from accompanying her for grocery shopping, cleaning the house, a little laundry or even cooking – make sure it is healthy.

Book a day at the spa

At the end of the day, both of you are but ladies and in need and deserve some pampering. Your BFF might forget the feeling of getting a massage, getting her nails done or a trip to the salon. It is your job to let her relieve the high days of womanhood. A wonderful day at the spa should be more than enough to make her feel beautiful despite all the changes in her body.

Throw a baby shower

If you used to bond over house parties and clubbing, then the next party to have is a baby shower. As her BFF, you are on the top of the list of the possible baby shower organizers. This party is held to celebrate the upcoming baby and her passage to motherhood. Make sure to choose a cute theme perfect for babies and mothers to make her feel that her pregnancy is a celebratory event. Don’t forget to get cute baby shower decoration and keepsakes.

Be Aware of Her Hormones

She has the tendency to snap back at you without seeing it coming and then cry in tears all the while complaining about her physique. This is actually normal for someone pregnant due to the influx of hormones. Whatever emotions they feel can be magnified due to this. In addition, there is something called “developmental crisis”, it is the mixture of feeling happy, overwhelmed and stressed. It is important to watch your words and have the highest level of understanding and tolerance towards her behavioral changes.

Make the Pregnancy Special

There are a lot of great ways to make a woman’s pregnancy special. You need to understand her needs and accomodate her as best as you can. You should be able to help her considerably by following the tips listed above.

If you have any questions, please ask below!