10 Tips for Keeping Children Safe Near Garage Doors

There is no doubt that garage doors are extremely useful. They provide your home and family with security, insulation, functionality, and a great storage space. However, they can also be dangerous, especially to your most precious commodity: children. And mind you, a simple garage door repair is not enough. You must know exactly how to keep things safe, and these 10 must-know tips will help you big time.

#1. Always Set Rules

Children, by nature, are curious. They get fascinated by stuff like the garage door. From racing under it to hanging from it, they tend to play games with and around it. As a parent, it is your goal to help your children understand that a garage door – no matter the size – should never be regarded as their toy. This is where you need to set rules and/or boundaries for your children when it comes to playing near garage doors. A general rule of thumb is to encourage them to play elsewhere.

#2. Invest on Repairs and/or Upgrades

Sometimes, when in a tight budget, you may tend to left things unattended. This is also true with a broken and/or outdated garage door. You may think that a garage door repair will only cost you hundreds of dollars. While it is true, you cannot deny the fact that a defective and broken garage door will lead to terrible accidents. Obviously, you do not want such thing near your children. You may also invest on quality of life improvements, as these somehow ensure safety and security.

#3. Keep the Remote Out of Their Reach

While a garage door remote is a valued accessory, it can also bring potential harm to anyone. Why? That is because a child may simply see it as a toy to be played with. And this is the kind of philosophy that, in one way or another, can lead to accidents. Before it is too late, keep a close watch on your garage door’s remote. Better yet, keep it in a place where your children would not be able reach it.

#4. Give Importance to Maintenance

By now, you should have understood the importance of regular garage door maintenance. In fact, this can help you limit the need for a garage door repair. More importantly, this is vital when it comes to your children, as inattention to this particular area can lead to accidents involving an unsuspecting kid. For instance, a child can see a garage door as an amusement park. If there is a loose screw or busted spring, your child is definitely at risk and will only worsen the problem.

#5. Keep the Garage Door Shut

Remember: A garage door is and will never be a playground. You should always keep it shut and locked to prevent children from entering in the first place. This averts the possibility of a youngster being underneath an open door in case a cable snaps. And since most garage doors weight massively, the consequences can really be catastrophic. Keeping it locked will discourage your kids from playing around or near it.

#6. Keep Them Away From the Garage Door

Whenever they see the garage door moving up and down, their eyes start to glow in amazement. This is where they feel obliged to touch it at some point. Unfortunately, this can lead to fingers and hands pinched, leading to a local emergency room trip. As much as possible, try to keep them away from the garage door at all times. Take this as a regular practice, as it reflects an effective garage door safety.

#7. Be a Proper Role Model

As a parent, it is your responsibility to be your kids’ proper role model. It is you – and only you – who should set the tone. Keep in mind that your children are likely to mirror whatever actions you make. So, if you are fond of ignoring the most basic of rules, you can also expect them to do the same thing. Following all the rules you set and making sure that your kids are aware of the danger will eventually set good practices on their part.

#8. Choose a Quality Garage Door

If you want to promote child safety – which you obviously do – start by buying and installing a quality garage door. Do not settle for cheap alternatives, as they can only do more harm than good. If you want a dependable performance, go with garage doors that have safety features included. They are worth every penny you spend.

#9. Keep That Button Checked

This is definitely another area of fascination for your kids. It is basically the button that either opens or closes your garage door. It is usually located just inside the garage and thus a child can easily be tempted to press it. And if he or she gets to see its overall function, it is very likely for him or her to press it over and over again. The ideal thing to do here is to place this button a few feet off the surface in order to keep children from pressing it.

#10. Make Garage Door Repair Part of the Picture

When it comes to garage door safety, there is absolutely nothing difficult to comprehend. It is as straightforward as it can get. Still, enhancing your children’s safety can be achieved when garage door repair is part of your obligation. Besides, saving your kid’s life is the most beneficial part of this move.

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