What to Keep in Mind When Installing Your Outside Bathroom

A popular addition to the modern home has become an outdoor shower, especially if you also have an outside pool. They can be an interesting addition to any home and add to the value. When thinking about installing this outdoor addition there are three important factors to keep in mind.

Outdoor shower


Don’t rush into the installation without thinking about how the water will drain away. Many home owners make the mistake of allowing the water to drain into the garden. There are building regulations which require you to have the correct form of drainage and efficiency of the drainage system will be a necessity or you will quickly find you have a problem with flooding in the garden or blocked plug holes. There are three options here: using a gravity system; using gravel drainage or connecting it to your home drainage system. A good builder will be able to advise you on the correct option for your landscape.

Outdoor Bathroom

Water Source

Again a good contractor will be able to offer advice on the best way to provide water to your outdoor shower system. You need to be able to supply the shower with enough water and there are a few different options. Each depends on your surroundings and water supply. You could use an outdoor tap and hose to supply the water. Just connect the hose to the tap whenever you need to use the shower. Another solution is to connect it to your internal water supply, for a constant and readily accessible supply of water. An environmentally friendly option is to use a cistern that collects rainwater. This means you will have a water supply even if there is not one in your home.

Outdoor Shower

Shower Surround

You are sure to want a bit of privacy when using your outdoor shower so you need to think about the shower surround. A natural choice would be a wooden surround. Available in a variety of wood types and colours this will add aesthetic appeal and blend in with your garden environment. You could choose a concrete surround. Although it may not sound very attractive, concrete is now available in a range of different colours and finishes. Vinyl can be a cheaper option, available in a choice of colours and very waterproof.

Outdoor bathtub

Windows/Glass Surfaces

Windows in an outdoor bathroom may be very tricky. Be careful where you place the glass surfaces, because you don’t want to loose the privacy you want to have while taking a relaxing bath in your backyard. Windows and glass (when installed the proper way and on the right place) will definitely add charm into the whole outdoor bathroom. You may end up with a little problem though-water marks all over them. We all know how annoying it can be, so you better invest in some regular professional window cleaning, as providers use techniques and tools which will prevent the marks from coming back in the near future.

Once you have considered these three factors you are ready to start the construction. Once it has been installed and is in full use take care of it and keep it clean or you will find you have a problem with blocked pipes. It is always better to just take a little time and prevent the problem from occurring.

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