Planning How to Add the Perfect Porch

ewdWhen you add a porch to your house, it definitely needs to be a well-designed one with only the best architectural glass and metal. There are several architectural fundamentals and requirements when designing the perfect new porch for an existing home which have to be duly obeyed in order to get everything properly done.

You would first need to start with defining your porch project goals. It means considering everything, from the porch looks to the space planning since you would obviously wish to maximize the use of your porch and make sure it works well with the rest of your home.

You would therefore first need to ask yourself the following major questions as you plan:

  • When do you want to use your porch? – Depending on your climate you should take good care not to forget to be including details for it to be usable all four seasons out of the year. What we mean hear are the things like a fireplace, screens to keep out bugs, insulation in the ceiling or a ceiling fan etc.
  • Want are your intended use for the porch? – This means defining the depth and length your porch. A porch made for dining and entertaining has different size requirements than a smaller one. It will help you to think of your porch as a small house with walls, foundations, roofing etc.
  • Is your porch user-friendly? – Elaborate the most convenient entry into your home from your porch making the space easily accessible. Large space with French doors would provide your porch with an easy access to back and side porches not to mention the huge advantage of having a wide open source of natural light for your home. For example, if your porch is spacious enough why wouldn’t you wish to arrange an outdoor room that serves as a bridge between your house and your yard.
  • Do you want a porch made for entertaining? – Your porch ought to connect your indoor and your outdoor living. If you have planned it well you will be able to actively use it throughout the year. If you have the space, you should make sure to use the benefits of outdoor living with your porch being a destination for guests with separate sitting and dining areas available.

Moreover, for an accurate match to your home, you would need to elaborate few basic elements to help you with your design: proportion, details and materials.


The most delicate element of good design is definitely, the proportion. It is that one thing that we most often do not consciously observe but feel instinctively if it is wrong. It might be just anything on, with and around a porch: rails, posts sizing and shaping, porch dimensions not corresponding to your home overall sizing, etc. Very good solution to the issue of revealing yourself the actual effects of the proportion on design is to study various porches, the more the better, getting so to know the ones that you like. When designing your own porch or reviewing your architect’s design, simply beware that it has to look good on paper in order to appear equally right at the end in reality. If you can’t tell by looking at plans, you can always ask for a model to be built to get a more real perspective.

The best architectural glass and metal Materials should be used

Choosing materials that match your home’s existing structure is rather simple and straightforward. Although sometimes houses don’t give you much room for creativity you will never fail if you get ideas and materials from your own house. There are sufficient opportunities to introduce a mix of materials from surrounding materials. The trick has always been to follow or complement the materials that have already been used to build and trim out your home.


Details are very closely linked with proportion. For example, details may include the shape of a wooden decorative bracket or the rhythm of crown molding made from top quality architectural glass and metal. Another illustrative example is that the style of the main structure must depict the detail you require. The balustrade can also be made of numerous different types of material. You will find cable and steel, wrought iron, and definitely wood, all depending on the architecture.

It is to be well noted that some details are simply for decorative purposes, while there are many others that play a critical role in the porch’s durability.

A porch can be structure plainly, yet, it can also include a variety of variables. However, these require proper planning and must meet code standards. Preserving your property and the safety of your family are all the reasons you need to make ensure your porch is up to standard.

One of the benefits of working with professionals is that they can deliver you with the standards for your area. Only use licensed contractors and be sure to confirm their experiences and references. A qualified builder may be suitable for some porch projects, nonetheless, others may require a structural engineer or architect. Whoever you choose, remember communication and speedy decisions will assist the building process and the designing process smoothness.

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