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Shabby Chic Outdoor Party Decorating Ideas

Outdoor Party DecorationIf you are searching for the perfect shabby chic decoration ideas for your outdoor party, here are 10 great ideas that can get you started and begin the flow of creativity.

You can make many creative decorations by using some of the common items that are found in your home. Make sure you are hunting down some of those vintage treasures that can be found at thrift shops, garage sales and flea markets.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money, you just need to use your creativity and make it fun and easy.

Idea #1: Collect some of your old pitchers, depression glass and china plates. Pitchers and antique bottles are best for when you want to fill them with freshly cut flowers. This will add a little bit of season into your design.

Idea #2: You can create a screen with a soft pink material gathered inside of it. This type of setting has a very shabby chic look to it. You can make the frame from old window’s hinged as one or old screen door frames to make this look.

Idea #3: You can find vintage style lamps and light fixtures. By using spray paint, you can also use the old metal ones. You may also take small accent lamps or crystal chandeliers. All of these are considered to be a shabby chic style and they are perfect for setting up around your party entrance and exit.

Idea #4: If you would like to set up some gift baskets or decorate the tables with small centerpieces, you can use small painted wicker baskets that are either new or vintage. Set up matching furniture or small chairs of the same kind. Wastebaskets and hampers are always fun to buy and spray paint different vintage colors. You could also consider using woven baskets that are painted in pastels as well.

Idea #5: On the outside of the home, preferably the area where the party is conducted, you could use ornate frames and mirrors. They can be painted and distressed and then hung on the wall with a wide piece of ribbon or a small piece of strong woven string.

Idea #6: When you arrange your furniture outside for your party, you can throw some old vintage quilts onto the chairs to add an instant appeal. If you are unable to find any old quilts, you can buy new ones and stain them so they look worn. Toss them in to wash and dry a couple of times to show they have wear.

Idea #7: You can make great candle holders when you use a little creativity. You can use a wide picture frame either new or old and paint it how you would like. Set the candles inside of the frame for a cheap and easy outdoor party accent. If you don’t have a frame, you could always opt for an old tray that you don’t use anymore.

Idea #8: Build up a collection of white items. White is the signature color that you will need to use throughout your shabby chic decorating style. Take all of these white items and make a grand display. This display can then be set up for your guests to look and awe in their appearance.

Idea #9: If you have a garden near the area of your party, you could use accents to show off your green thumb.

Idea #10: Another accent for the garden could be a used bed frame that you fill with flowers. This is unique and fun and will add a little specialty to your party area.

At the time you go to the paint store, find some white paint samples and see how different they are. You will see that they have other colored tints added to create a whole new shade.

This article, written by Camia Sidle, explains the different ways you can decorate your outdoor party to make it seem shabby chic. If you don’t have much time for planning out your party, you could throw together some of your own ideas, or you could use some of the ideas provided by a event décor company. There you will find plenty of shabby chic items to fit your parties' needs.

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