What are the Different Types of Gas Heating Systems?

The application of gas furnaces and boilers in the working of heating system has increased dramatically with time. These updated heating systems are far more reliable, comfortable, efficient and convenient systems when compared to any other forms. Powered by natural gas this heating system holds the potential to help you save about 20% of energy every year, without polluting the environment in any way. Moreover, these gas heating systems do not burst or cause any accident, and there are no tanks which can suffer from leakage and which can flood your home.

Gas Heating

There is a myriad of gas heating systems available in the market, each of which are distinct in itself, from the high quality furnaces with efficiency of 98% till medium priced units of 72%, no matter which type you are going to choose you will never be disappointed with your decision.

More About Efficiency and Operating Costs

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or AFUE is used to measure the performance of any heating system. It is measured in ratio of the amount of energy that is used by the system and the energy that comes out in the form of heat, aspects like heat loss, cool down, efficiency of the unit while running and start up are taken into considerations.

  • There are many home heating systems which work according to the principles of a programmable thermostat which can be controlled according to the need to heat the rooms. With the radiant energy of the gas, these heating systems allow hot air to linger inside the room, without suffocating the inmates in any way.
  • To understand more about the operating costs, both the customer as well as the contractor should compare various costs including unit cost, installation expenses and the annual operation costs too. This comparison will help in identifying the best one for your house. Important thing is that gas heating systems are a bit expensive when compared to electric heaters but their operating cost is much lower than them.

4 Types of Heating System Fueled by Natural Gas

Gas Heater

There are four amazing types of heating system that operate with the help of natural gas, and they are

  1. Combustion Water Heating: This is a versatile from of heating system where first the furnace heats water and stores it in a tank, just like geysers. Later a pump sends equal amount of water through pipes connected with the tank. These pipes contain heated metal coil and fan is blown at this water so that heat can be released through ducts.
  2. Hydronic Heating System: Based on Pascal’s principle in this system water flows in a continuous path, where water gets heated by the gas broiler or furnace and then this hot water passes through the tubes or pipes that are installed in the house. Radiant floors, baseboard units and radiators are the common areas covered by this system.
  3. Forced Air System: This is one of the oldest and most popular type of gas heating system, where the heat is transferred by exerting force on air at 120-145 degrees Fahrenheit. The venting system that is used for the making of forced air system is similar to that of hydronic heating system. The vent prevents exposure of byproducts of natural gas to like water vapor and carbon dioxide to the human body.
  4. Space Heaters: These heating systems are always used in those places that experience little or less heat. They are energy efficient, compact and can be easily mounted on walls too. These form of units can be easily placed using fuel vents or chimneys also.


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