Useful Hints of Easier Fridge Cleaning & Maintenance

5052-1_lCleaning the fridge looks like a big deal, speaking side, but in fact it could be quite an easy task to perform. If you have the right tools, detergents and techniques, it all will be done in no time. Just keep in mind that you should clean it often enough not to cause а food poisoning to your family and guests.

This article explains what products are acceptable for cleaning the fridge and which cleaners you should avoid. I am also giving you this method of cleaning so you could get the job done the easiest way!

Technique of Cleaning a Fridge:

  1. First, remove all the food. Even if you are using natural cleaners, you better not be reaching around objects. An empty refrigerator makes the process so much easier.

  2. Take out all unattached objects, such as shelves and drawers. Fill your kitchen sink or a bowl with hot soapy water and leave these parts to soak in for a while. If you have any brass objects in the house, you can use the soapy water to sink them in too. See the full method of cleaning brass described here.

  3. Wipe all surfaces either with a microfibre cloth or a good quality sponge. Тhus you can be assured that your cleaning tools will not fall apart in the process and leave tiny particles behind. I guess this rule applies in general since cellulose sponge cloths and cheap sponges are easy to crumble.

  4. Stubborn stains are treated with a mixture of baking soda and a little water to result in a thick paste. Scrub the stains with it and leave for an hour before wiping with a damp cloth.

Fridge Maintenance

Maintaining a clean state of your appliance is a task, which you should perform on a daily basis. To prevent any hassle when the fridge cleaning time comes, you can simply follow these tips:

  1. Constantly check if the products in the fridge are out of date. Mould is contagious.

  2. Tо absorb any bad odour, put a small box filled with baking soda. It has a very useful absorbing function.

  3. To freshen your smelly fridge, I would give you an advice that I learned from the house cleaners who helped me with the bond cleaning when I had to change my residence. Just dip a cotton ball or a sponge into a small amount of lemon juice or vanilla extract. Leave it in the corner of the refrigerator for a few hours and then remove the hand made deodorizer to find that your fridge smells clean and fresh!

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