6 Hacks to Boost Your Productivity in Kitchen

If you love to cook then you will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. A kitchen is an important place in your house as meal times are the best for family bonding. But t you cannot always afford to spend too much time in the kitchen especially if you have a busy schedule. There are tricks that can help in making sure that you get best results without spending too much time in the kitchen.

Here are some kitchen hacks that can help in improving the productivity and saving time in the kitchen.

Taking Care of the Dish-washing:


Washing the dishes and cooking utensils can be a time-consuming activity because not all of the food scraps are easy to get rid of. If you want to make sure that the best cookware sets to stay shiny and new. If you are cooking with sticky ingredients such as chocolate, honey, syrups, cake batter, dough etc. then you may find it difficult to get them off. To make sure that you are able to clean the cookware and avoid greasing then you should use a little vegetable oil or cooking spray. You can also use a sip of oil and all the sticky ingredients will get off the cookware without any difficulty.

Keeping the Greens Fresh:

keeping greens fresh

Keeping the greens fresh can be a struggle as they can wilt easily even if they are placed in a refrigerator. You have to use the greens as soon as possible because they hardly last two days. You can increase the lifespan of the greens by storing them properly. You should take a paper cloth or any other damp paper in the bag or container and put the greens in it. The paper cloth will absorb excess water and the greens will last longer because moisture is the reason for small lifespan. The hack will help in saving money.

Tip for Meat Preparation:

meat preparation

You may find slicing and chopping the meat time consuming and hard and you may not be able to cut it in the shape and thickness that you want. To cut and slice the meat the way you want by putting it in the freezer about half an hour before you need to prepare it. It will semi freeze the meat which will make it easier to slice it. Try not to keep it in the chest freezer for more than half an hour because if it becomes too hard you will not be able to cut through and it will take more time to melt.

Garlic Peeling:

garlic peeling

Peeling the garlic is not the most enjoyable thing to do as the hands can absorb the smell which is not easy to wash off and it is time-consuming. Burt this activity does not need to be time to consume as there is an easier way to do this and the hands will also stay clean. All you need is a plate, plastic food container with a lid and a knife. Take a garlic clove, cut the bottom and top bud and then take a plate and press it. Make circular motions while pressing the plate and put the cloves in a plastic container then shake well and you will have peeled cloves without getting your hands dirty. It will keep you from making a mess in the kitchen.

Getting Most out of Citrus Fruits:

Citrus fruit

Citrus fruit is used a lot in a kitchen and squeezing all the juice out of the lemons or any other citrus fruits can be messy and difficult. One of the easiest ways of making sure that you get all the juice out of the fruit is to microwave it for 30 seconds and it will soften up which will make it easier to get all the juice out.

Cutting the Soft Food:

cutting soft foods

Cutting soft food products such as cheese and butter can also be challenging as they tend to melt quickly and create a mess. But do not worry because there is an easier way of taking care of soft foods without ruining them. You can take an unflavored floss and use it to cut soft food. It is a simple and quick method. Cut the length that you want and then hold the ends tightly and push it downwards.

These are some of the hacks that will help in improving the productivity in the kitchen and keep it clean.


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