How to Choose the Right Kitchen Appliances

choosing the right applianceThere is an abundance of different kitchen appliances brands on the market and all of them offer us "the best results" at "most reasonable rate" with a "life-long warranty". However, the majority of consumers get the idea that it’s just an advertising trick, but not everyone knows what to look for in a given kitchen equipment.

Usually, if we had unlimited funds, it wouldn’t be a huge problem - we would just buy the most expensive item and the problem is solved. Only not always the most expensive items are the best - price is not the sole guaranty for quality. In order to buy the perfect oven for you, you must know exactly what you look for, how much money you are willing to spend on it and how often you are going to use it.

The right choice of appliances guarantees you a nicer kitchen time and lower electricity bills. When you decide what kind of utensils to provide for yourselves, think well which are irreplaceable for you and can you actually allow to buy some extra. It will be perfect if they are included in the furnishing project of the room and to provide their most appropriate place. In order to save space, it will be better if the appliances are built-in, because in most of the cases, kitchen is usually small.

Without any doubt, the most important utensils are the fridge, the oven with hobs or a combined stove. Lets add the washing machine and the dishwasher, as it’s more comfortable to place them in the kitchen. It’s of great importance that those appliances have a lower level of energy consumption. Choose only energy class A, because it will guarantee a more economical usage of energy.

kitchen with all the appliancesWhen you choose your oven it’s important to consider the place, the steam absorption and whether you want a complete oven, or built-in one and additional hobs on top. This depends on your particular kitchen features as well as the amount of time you spend there. First thing’s first, if cooking is not amongst your favourite domestic activities, there’s practically no point in splashing out cash on a new oven. In this situation, a huge stove, which will take up the space in your kitchen is unnecessary.

For people who prefer to eat mostly outside, a small stove with no more than two hotplates will suffice. If you have a large family, which simply adores your meals and you have to cook very often, you must buy a larger stove with four hobs.

When the choice time comes, you have usually three options. First one - regular hot plates. Second - ceramic hob. Third - gas. The ceramic hobs are easy to clean and the fastest in terms of heating. Regular hobs are cheaper, but they should be fast-heating. The gas option is for households which already use this kind of energy. Undoubtedly, the gas oven will be economically viable.

No Frost system for your fridge will free you of the nagging task to de-freeze it often. Apart from that, you have to follow the noise level. There are extremely noisy refrigerators, which might turn your kitchen into a production factory.

The washing machine should cut on electricity and water bills. Choose more expensive but low energy consumption model. New modern washing machines can assess on their own how much water to use for the clothes you put in. Older and cheaper models have only full and half capacity. In most cases this high initial investment is returned in little to no time.

For the smaller appliances the same rules and principles apply. Always look up the energy class and estimate whether they will be of use to you, or you will only spend money and place on them. Choose leading brands, as this is a signal for high quality. Always keep the warranty together with the receipt.

Other factors, which might affect you when you choose the model are design and colour. They are also of significance, because they form the whole look of your kitchen.

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