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Accessorize Your Pool with Equipment and Decorations for a Pleasant Summer Day

back yard poolSummer is almost here, thank God, and it is time to prepare for our trip to the seaside or doing the finishing touches on your private swimming pool. If you are lucky enough to be doing the later, I wanted to share some useful ideas and tips on how to design and arrange your private swimming pool.

There is no place better to spend time with your family and friends during the scorching summer days than relaxing at your private pool. I will be talking about almost everything here along with poolside arrangements, useful equipment you should have, decorations and much, much more.

Poolside Equipment

Every swimming pool, as we know, needs a swimming pool pump and a swimming pool filter. These two are bare basics and you can't have a swimming pool without them. They serve the purpose of cleaning and sanitizing your water. Without these two you would soon be swimming in algae and dirt. It is not necessary, but it is good to have some of the other equipment for maintaining your pool. For example, automatic pool cleaners can make your life much easier. Instead of using pools, skimmers and nets to clean your pool you can clean it automatically and the cleaner will do a better job, as well. Timers and controllers are not necessary, but they can save you money in the long run. By having them, you can control the dispensing of chemicals and water heating, saving money on both chemicals and electricity. Pool heathers are useful because they can prolong the swimming season for a significant amount. This means you can start swimming earlier than everyone else and keep swimming when they have already put covers over their swimming pools. Of course, at the end of the season you will need winter covers so as to stop the debris from falling into you pool.

outdoor pool furniture

Poolside Furniture

As far as furniture goes, it all depends on your preference and the amount of space you have. In my opinion, a patio chaise lounge is an essential part of poolside furniture, but that's just me. You can purchase entire sets along with dining tables and chairs. Conversation sets are also a good idea. They usually go with a coffee table. Hammocks and swings are also a great idea.


Decorating your pool in just the right way can contribute a lot to the general look of your home. Also nice decorations can help develop a good mood at your poolside party.


Having a plant decorated pool side is always a good idea. They create an illusion of a natural environment and look great to begin with. Keep in mind where you put them, though. They shouldn't be too near the pool, since they can be damaged by people jumping in or they can be over-watered due to constant splashing. Another trick is to choose plants that are extra resilient and strong so they do not die. It is also not a bad idea to plant a tree or two so you can have some natural shade.


If you are planning to make night poolside parties, and you probably are, you will need some lights. Lanterns are things that work well with pools. String lights also fit the whole picture. If you are going for that Hawaiian look torches are a good choice too. Perhaps a combination of all of these is the best solution. You can also go for LED lights for both inside and outside of the pool.


Another pool essential is a place where you can hide from the sun. It is a bad idea to spend the entire day in the heat, sunbathing than going into the water. It is just unhealthy. You need a place to rest from the heat and the sun's harmful rays. There are a couple of options for this. I prefer tree shade myself, but they can take a lot of time to grow. So, until your trees grow up you can buy umbrellas and set them up near your pool. Another option is buying a gazebo. Nowadays, gazebos range from simple roofs on four legs to luxurious looking draped covered, light weight houses. They can be rather useful in the evening if you want to stay outside and enjoy that cool night air, but the pesky bugs are, well… bugging you.

Pool Tiles

First of all, let's look at the pool itself. The tiles you put in the pool and on the floor next to it shouldn't be chosen randomly, as the look of the pool itself will improve greatly from them. If you really want your pool to be one of a kind, you might want to consider putting in mosaic pool tiles. You ask why? Well here is the reason. Mosaic pool tiles give you a lot of freedom when setting them up. You can find or create a pattern that you prefer. For example, you can make a pattern of your family crest or some other image that is dear to you, and by doing this, you can be in complete control of the look of your pool. If you wish, you can use mosaic tiles made from other materials to decorate the walls next to the pool. My recommendation for this is use glass tiles since they reflect light in a very unique way and set a jaw dropping mood.

glass pool tiles

Poolside Games

What is a day at the pool without some games? A boring day at the pool, I would say. There are tons of games you can play at the poolside. Ask around and find out which games your friends and family prefer (and of course compare them to your own desires) and set them up. Be it volleyball, badminton or water polo it is always great fun to play with your friends.

I hope we managed to give you some idea about what you need to have in order to set up a perfect pool. Hope you have fun with your friends and family this summer. Cheers.

If you have any questions, please ask below!