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Common Christmas Emergencies and How to Avoid Them

Christmas EmergenciesChristmas has officially arrived-well, the adverts are on TV-and while it can be the happiest and most magical time of the year, it can also be the most chaotic and stressful. Below are five Christmas emergencies that you may face this season, and how to avoid them:

1. You have no idea how to cook a turkey

You've never cooked a turkey before and in a couple of days you're going to be serving one for 15 people, and not just anyone, your family and friends, your harshest critics!

Solution: Make sure everyone is raving about your turkey by being fully prepared and knowing exactly how you are going to cook it. According to research in the Daily Mail, getting the Christmas Day meal just right is so important to Brits that a third admit to ‘rehearsing' it ahead of the big day. You'll find plenty of recipes online so get ahead of yourself and if you have the time, have a practice!

2. Your mobile phone has broken

On a drunken Christmas party night, you've dropped your phone and broken your screen. How are you going to take photos over the festive period?

Solution: LoveFone will repair your phone while you wait, or at least the same day, so you don't have to be without your phone over the Christmas period. Relief!

3. You've completely forget to get someone a present

The days leading up to Christmas can be manic; there's the food to prepare, the house to tidy and the presents to deliver; it can be really easy to forget someone off the list. So how are you going to find the perfect present with no time to spare?

Solution: You can avoid this by being prepared and starting your Christmas shopping early and there are many ways in which you can show someone you love them without even having to leave the house. You could make some personalized coupons, bake a festive cake or go online and choose a gift voucher for them.

4. You have nothing to wear for the office Christmas party

Your office Christmas party is coming up and you haven't got a clue what to wear, nor do you have the time to go shopping and fight through the crowds. The dress code is ‘dress to impress' but you haven't been out in such a long time that your wardrobe is dated.

Solution: Go online. All of the Christmas party wear is out and depending on where you order from you can get free delivery and order for the next day. According to the Mirror last year, Brits are the world's biggest online shoppers with 58 per cent saying that shopping online was simply ‘easier’ than going to the shops.

5. The kid's toys won't work because you have no batteries

We've all been there; your children have opened all their presents and they're bursting to play with all the toys, until you tell them you don't have any batteries in the house and the local supermarket is closed!

Solution: Avoid tears and tantrums on Christmas Day morning by finding out what batteries you need and making sure you have a big stash, ready to dip into.

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  1. I think it’s best if you make a to-do list. You’ll have all your tasks written, so that you don’t forget anything. As it comes to cooking, you don’t have to spend a whole day in the kitchen preparing the dinner on your own. Ask your guests to bring meals too.

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