Why you should always wear your braces power chains

Braces power chains are something that many people wonder about or don’t think about when they get braces because they can’t see them. So what are power chains braces and why do you have to wear them? Braces power chains are small black rubber loops that attach around your braces with the help of a tiny metal clip.

The Correct Way to Wear Your Braces Power Chains

Power chains for braces help maintain good oral health by keeping wires tight and in place, but you can’t go wrong if you follow a few basic tips. First, be sure to replace power chain every six months; use of power chain will degrade over time as it absorbs moisture and touches food. Second, try not to wrap more than one link around your wrist at once; while multiple links are safe (and comfortable!) to wear, they make it hard to discern how many links have been worn when removing them—you’ll run out faster!

A Powerful Reason to Wear Your Braces Power Chain

You might have noticed that your doctor told you to wear power chain when getting orthodontic treatment. But why is it important? And what else can power chain do for you? Here’s a look at some of its primary benefits and why orthodontists recommend wearing power chain 24/7

Looking Sharp with Black Power Chains

While many of us love our metal and clear power chains, there’s another option that can be a little more discreet: black power chain braces. These clever accessories feature metal links in their centers surrounded by power chain rubber, making them look more like ordinary rubber bands than something found at a hardware store. They also provide added security to ensure your caps stay in place—great for anyone who is worried about snagging food on their retainers. Keep in mind that while they may help with keeping an accident from happening, only retainers designed for a specific type of bite (anterior or posterior) are going to keep teeth from shifting.

Add Style and Comfort

When getting a clear or metal mouth brace, it is essential to get a power chain. Power chains are used to keep your top and bottom teeth in alignment. Power chains fit around each individual tooth and connect behind your head for added support. Power Chains not only protect teeth from damage, but also protect sensitive skin from being chafed by metal brackets. If you have sensitive skin, black power chain braces are made of soft rubber that won’t irritate as easily as other power chain styles. If you can’t see yourself sporting black colored mouthpieces, no worries! We also carry clear and pink power chain braces which provide protection while remaining stylish!

Our Favorite Styles of Braces Power Chains

These heavy duty stainless steel chains are perfect for keeping your mouthpiece in place. Although they look a bit scary, we promise these powerchains will make you feel like a rock star and add instant cred to any outfit. We recommend popping one on your favorite pair of clear braces or stainless steel brackets! Power Chains Braces Lengths: Size Length Unstretched Stretched Color Small 9 cm 3.5cm Black Medium 11cm 4.5cm Black Large 13cm 5.5cm Black XLarge 15cm 6.6black More information about Braces Power Chains: If you’re going to wear something around both of your wrists every day, it might as well be stylish AND functional!

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